Three Ways to Save Money on Cubicle Installation Cost

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The first way to save money on cubicle installation costs is to get a complimentary space plan.
Space planning is essential to any office furniture purchase.  You have to know exactly how much floor space you need for each cubicle, desk, or table that you install in your suite.  Without this estimation, it is very difficult to know exactly how many cubicles to buy and where to install them in your office.  Developing an office design layout will quickly clarify just how much space you can allocate to each employee.  This will not only determine the number of cubicles you need; it will also help us know what size each workstation needs to be.

Another way to cubicle installation costs is to get a square footage utilization report.
Cubiture will produce this report for you at no cost.  This report is based on how much you are paying for each square foot in your lease.  It then assesses your ROI potential by itemizing the square footage utilized by workstations in production areas.  We want to minimize the usage of space for things like filing and storage, leaving the bulk of your area for individual work spaces, collaboration areas, conference rooms, and key transit areas.

This report will enable you to cluster your production areas into departments that produce more results in less time.
A third way to minimize cubicle installation costs is to invest in custom workstations that cost less than retail equivalents.  Many businesses feel compelled to buy overpriced new cubicles because they understandably want their new office to look brand new to visitors.  With Cubiture, you can have this new look with workstations made here in our Houston factory.  We have hundreds of options in fabric, veneer, and laminates that can create any level of style in any design configuration you prefer.

Cubicles designed to support specific workflow requirements not only save you money on the front end, but they increase your opportunities to generate a return on your investment by creating a more focused, comfortable, and efficient production environment.

Cubicle Installation In Houston TX – FREE Quote 713-412-0900

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