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September 10, 2018
Modern Medical Reception Desks For Sale At Discount Prices

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It isn’t necessary to spend days or week shopping around for the right reception desk. Cubiture can help you find what you need today. We have worked with hundreds of medical facilities over the years. We understand how demanding things get for front desk administrators, and we look for ways to help them complete their tasks quickly, efficiently, and with minimal stress. Ergonomics play a major factor in our space plans. We want reception centers to be constructed in a way that allows administrators to complete their tasks from a comfortable, supported position that minimizes movement and stress on the back, legs, and arms.

Space planning is the key to choosing the best reception desk. It allows you to visualize your workflow and the basic shape of the desk supports it. You can also quickly determine if it will comfortably seat all the members of your team. Any possible compliance violations can also be quickly spotted and immediately addressed with the appropriate design changes. Once your space plan design is finished, choosing the right model, and selecting the right features, falls naturally into place.

The size of the desk, along with its shape, will be determined by your available space and the number of employees that will be using the desk. While a straight desk is typically more affordable than a curved or conical desk, it might prove a better use of lobby space to invest in a reception center with a non-linear form. There are many variations of the curved and conical desk that will allow your staff sufficient leg room and desk area to complete tasks without feeling crowded at their stations. Cubiture has access to over 500 desk manufacturers, and we also custom manufacture a reception desk. Often, our costs are lower than retail models because we sell direct to healthcare facilities and offer free delivery.

Cubiture will also help you choose the most efficient design elements for your reception center. These elements will be designed to support specific tasks that your administrative staff perform. Activities such as inbound and outbound calling, appointment scheduling and accounts receivable all require work areas that allow your team to multitask without losing focus. Features like payment counters, or declivities that allow wheelchair bound users to pull up close to the desk, need to be drawn out so that you can clearly visualize them and determine exactly where they need to be to support your team.

Any displays need to be positioned on the desk at angles that conceal data from public view. Documents need to be organized in areas that admins can reach from seated positions so that they do not have to keep leaving their stations repeatedly. Jerry Mogyorody, the President and Founder of our company, is a filing and storage expert with expert knowledge in compliance laws. He will make certain that the design team incorporates proper storage and filing systems into your reception center that keep your records keeping secure and in full compliance with HIIPA.

Whether you end up purchasing a reception center from a major manufacturer, or you have Cubiture custom build it for you, the free space plan drawing we create will ensure that you get the very best workstation for your administrative staff. This design drawing is complimentary, so why not call Jerry now and get started today on the blueprint for your reception center?

Medical Reception Desks For Sale – FREE Quote 713-412-0900

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