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January 18, 2019

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Portable room dividers are an excellent solution for when you plan to set up your next job fair. Job fairs can be a very overwhelming experience. Whether it’s the interviewer or the prospective employee, anyone attendee will experience a vast amount of socializing and visual stimuli, on top of what might already be a sense of nervousness as employers size up prospect after prospect. Portable room dividers can help organize the flow of traffic, limit anxiety, and provide a proper, intimate space for an interview to take place in a crowded hall.

When an individual attends a job fair, they will find themselves in a space where they are competing with many other prospects. To give order to what might seem chaotic, portable room dividers can help to compartmentalize the space into as many units as needed to comfortably accommodate each interview stations. By including physical parameters to each station, the dividers can help signal to other attendants to keep a respectful distance from a station where an interview is taking place.

Acoustical quality and sound privacy are highly crucial for effective communication and a successful job interview. This becomes more important as the size of the job fair increases and interviewees find themselves competing with more people and therefore more noise.

With portable room dividers, you can create privacy between employer and candidate in mere seconds and with very little effort. Our panels are made with acoustical fabric construction, so you can be sure that the sound-dampening qualities of our portable room dividers are top-notch.

Most interview stations are not fully-enclosed rooms and don’t really need to be. It’s important to make sure that potential employees have easy access to potential employers. However, visual privacy doesn’t have to be completely compromised. We have a portable room dividers that come in a variety of visual privacy levels, depending on whether you prefer either our fabric or polycarbonate options.

You can choose from multiple opacities with our polycarbonate dividers so that even our translucent variations can maintain privacy while allowing some visibility. We also have single-panel portable room dividers that give you the option of a window at the top of the panel to allow extra ambient light into the interview space.

If you’re holding an expansive job fair with many companies being represented, you may find that the requisite number of portable room dividers needed could break the bank. If you’re hoping to save money while also retaining quality and stylish dividers, we have lower-cost options as well. We offer canvas dividers which, while not as effective in noise abatement, have nearly all the great features you can find in our higher-end products.

No matter how economical, you can still expect a quality divider that’s built to last. They can also be collapsed down to just a few feet of space, making them a great choice for a job fair, where many of these portable room dividers will need easy storage. The patented 360-degree hinges give the full range of movement to these panels, bringing you a variety of available setup options.

Our portable room dividers are highly competitive with regard to their level of quality and functionality, to the point that you may come across some difficulty when seeking a partition that’s better built. We use a construction of aluminum framing with low-profile and lockable casters that ensure a good level of safety for users while allowing for easy movement and setup.

When you customize your own privacy screens, you can expect that they’ll be hand-built accordingly in the USA to the highest standards of craftsmanship and shipped directly within 48 hours. Give us a call at Cubiture so that we can guide you in the selection of the perfect portable room dividers for your next job fair.

Portable Room Divider With Wheels – FREE Quote 713-412-0900


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