How Folding Room Dividers Improve Employee Safety in 2021 

Folding Room Dividers
January 6, 2021

As the New Year gets underway, cautious optimism is emerging throughout the nation’s business community.  A hopefulness appears to be growing as initial trials of the new vaccines show promising results.  Many companies around the country are beginning to recall their workforces back to the office.  With the possibility of things eventually returning to normal, organizations hope to increase productivity with a new momentum that is very hard to maintain when employees only work remotely from home.  

Caution, however, is still necessary.  The pandemic continues to rage with record-high numbers in places, and employee safety must remain the foremost concern. New office space configurations that maintain social distancing must be implemented, and protective barriers such as COVID desk shields and folding room dividers should be installed between individual work areas.

While the need for tempered glass desk shields is obvious, many companies overlook the need for other types of protective barriers.  Glass shields only protect the worker from contagions transmitted from the front or from the side of the desk.  The worker’s back is unshielded to anyone approaching from behind.

This poses a problem in any environment where individuals sit with their backs to one another.  Whenever an employee stands up and turns around, she or he is directly exposed to other workers in the area, increasing the risk of contagion transmission in the process.  Fortunately, this risk can be drastically reduced by installing folding room dividers in key locations throughout the office.

Cubiture carries multiple lines of folding room dividers that make it possible for any organization to affordably reconfigure their office space prior to the return of remote workers.  Many of these dividers may be used as portable walls that separate cubicle workstations whose entrances face one another, thereby placing occupants to close to one another.  

  1. Some of our options measure up to 12 feet in height and are ideal for protecting bisecting rows of cubicles in customer service and sales departments.
  2. Other folding room dividers are available for custom cubicle construction. They stand upright on the floor without the need for attachments to desk edges or walls. This benefits office managers by allowing them to position the dividers in any number of unique arrangements around worktables and sit-stand desks. Popular partition designs include C-shaped and L-shaped layouts that offer seated employees maximum shielding from other employees.
  3. Perhaps the greatest need for folding room dividers occurs in open concept environments. With social distancing practices still very much a safety necessity, a purely open concept design is no longer pragmatic nor safe.
  4. Companies just returning to full operation, however, simply may not have the funds needed to purchase an entire suite of new office cubicles. A much more affordable—and possibly even more effective solution—is the installation of low-cost folding room dividers. Because they can be positioned anywhere and easily moved at will, barriers can be situated between workers with minimal reconfiguration of desks and worktables.

This is a much more affordable solution vs. purchasing new office furniture.  Not only are partition room dividers less expensive than new workstations, but they are also easy for users to move without the need for special tools or professional installers.

Cubiture knows that times are still uncertain, so we stand committed to helping our customers’ organizations remain stable and prosperous as the future gradually unfolds.  We are currently offering free office layout design drawings developed by our office configuration experts with every quote, so that customers can clearly see where there is a need to install folding room dividers and other improvements,  prior to the return of their employees.  

This visual reference is a powerful tool that keeps partition selection focused on the pragmatic so that procurement remains well within the customer’s budget.  2021 promises to be a year of change and Cubiture wants to help. Call now and request a free office layout design drawing and quote call Jerry at 713-412-0900.     

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