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March 18, 2019

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At Cubiture, we have room dividers for virtually every occasion, but our folding fabric room dividers might just be our most popular out of all of them We pride ourselves in delivering quality products to you to operate seamlessly with the space-partitioning needs that are your life.

Our folding fabric room dividers are no exception to this. With the sheer amount of features that they offer to make your life easier, including a choice of many colors, these beautiful dividers are a vast improvement on the typical folding divider and are truly a cut above the rest.

One of the most desirable folding fabric room dividers we carry is made of an acoustical fabric that is excellent in providing noise control for whatever space it’s dividing. In fact, compared to most of the other partitions out on the market, our folding fabric room divider much greater sound-dampening capabilities.

This makes it a perfect solution for any spaces in your building that need protection from unwanted noise, such as a cluster of private office workstations, a lesson space in a school, a study area in a library, and any number of meeting or conference rooms.

Each panel of the folding fabric room divider is a three-part composition that starts with a honeycomb core to absorb sound. Layers of fiberglass sandwich the core and are in turn covered by the outer layer you see, the high-performance FR701 Acoustical Fabric, which is 100% polyester.

Our acoustical fabric products can result in a noise reduction coefficient (NRC) of up to 0.65—with an NRC of 0 meaning full reflection of sound and an NRC of 1 indicating full absorption.

Perhaps the greatest asset of our folding fabric room dividers is their use of a special system of 360-degree hinges, which offer unparalleled flexibility of arrangement and contributes considerably to the popularity of these dividers. You’re no doubt familiar with the more common folding dividers you find on the market.

Utilizing a piano hinge that only allows for a range of movement of 180 degrees, they’re unattractive and clumsy, not to mention they’re a far cry from the responsiveness and adaptability that you get with our own folding fabric room dividers.

The 360-degree hinge system allows each panel a full range of movement—360 degrees—so that you can manipulate your divider into a number of configurations that align appropriately to the space and partitioning needs of your activities.

Try for a straight line or a graceful curve, or opt for more angular “L,” “C,” and even “S” configurations, to separate irregularly laid-out areas, provide spaces for meeting, and even to act as an art wall or presentation space.

We have over 20 attractive colors to choose from, including bold colors to make a big statement or more muted hues to blend into the background. In either case, you’re sure to find a folding fabric room divider in one or multiple colors that can enhance the overall style of your space or coordinate well with the branding or logo of your business.

You may also notice the range of sizes we offer among our room dividers, which help you to tailor your specific choice of folding fabric room divider to the scale of your space or the activity you’re looking to accommodate. This results in a more deliberate and less clumsy way to partition your space while potentially saving you money.

Our 360-degree acoustical fabric room divider can be chosen from five different heights—4’, 5’, 6”, 6’10”, and 7’6”. Naturally, you can choose from four different widths as well, with the number of panels changing accordingly. These available widths are 8’6” (3 panels), 14’ (5 panels), 19’6” (7 panels), and 25’ (9 panels). These size options are found in both our portable and wall-mounted folding fabric room dividers, with an extra 10-panel, 30’6” option in the wall-mounted version.

Compared to the outdated steel-frame dividers that are currently on the market, our folding fabric room dividers are the face of safety and stability, not to mention the convenience of use. Each of our folding fabric room dividers comes with a patented full-size panel unit at each end. This helps to increase stability and also avoid tripping and injury. Each unit’s end panel can also be connected to another unit, creating a wall of folding fabric room dividers that can stretch across larger spaces such as auditoriums and gymnasiums.

In place of outdated steel, our folding fabric room dividers use a lightweight, attractive aircraft aluminum frame construction that guarantees you won’t experience any wobbling and simply makes it much easier to transport from place to place. This is especially true as our low-profile casters help to lower the center of gravity and enhance the safety of the overall unit.

At the end of each full-height end panel, you can find 3” dual-wheel casters which glide effortlessly over your floor without leaving marks or scuffs, until you choose to lock them in place. Our folding fabric room dividers are collapsible so that you can minimize the space needed to store them away when not in use, whether it be in an actual storage room or just neatly off in the corner of your space.

When extending or collapsing, the frame’s no-pinch seams made of radiused, extruded aluminum to help keep your fingertips from getting injured while operating. To add to its safety, our folding fabric room dividers are also Rated Class A fire-safe, having passed E84 fire tests.

As if our folding fabric room dividers weren’t already highly customizable to satisfy your personal preferences, you can also opt for custom-printing of your panels to add an artistic touch to your partitioned space. Add art, graphics, and logos to your panels to enhance the branding of your business or organization, or just to add a touch of beauty and fun to an otherwise dull and static space. Art murals can even be created when you line multiple units of your custom-printed folding fabric room dividers together, end panel to end panel.

If you don’t have room in your budget for these more acoustically-performing folding fabric room dividers, we also carry a more cost-effective alternative in a canvas option. This divider is one that’s cheaper in cost only, with no sacrifice in quality or craftsmanship, beauty or utility.

While not as noise-reducing as our acoustical fabric version, it still shares many of the same features that make it an excellent choice, especially the flexible 360-degree hinge system. The 100% cotton canvas panels are replaceable, durable, and fire-retardant. All the same safety features are found here, including the low-profile non-marking casters, full-size panel end units, and no-pinch seams integrated into a lightweight frame of 16-gauge 1.25” round steel tubing.

Heights of 4’, 6’, and 6’10” are available, along with width options of 6’ and 10’. Velcro connectors on each unit’s end panel allow you to create a wall with our canvas variety of folding fabric room dividers.

It doesn’t matter the size of your company, the industry you’re in, or the nature of your work. With the number of customizable feature options at your fingertips, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect use for one of the various folding fabric room dividers we offer at Cubiture.

Contact us at (713) 412-0900 for a free, no-obligation consultation with a representative for help in finding the right match to your unique space and partitioning needs. We also guarantee that with every order you place, you can enjoy 100% free shipping to go along with your folding fabric room dividers. Give Cubiture a call today!

Foldable Room Dividers On Sale Now! – FREE Quote 713-412-0900

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