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January 15, 2019
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With there often being the need for teachers and other school staff to divide classrooms into smaller areas or for various activities, wall dividers can be valuable tools for shaping these spaces for learning. There are many features that can be found in wall dividers that make them particularly useful for schools, including their acoustical properties, the many materials, and colors that enhance creativity and usability, their portability, and, finally, their ability to provide safety to children in emergency situations involving gun violence.

Because of their portability and even collapsible, wall dividers are highly versatile and therefore excellent at shaping school spaces to fit the needs of your classroom and your students according to the activities held within. Not only are straight dividers available for when you need a basic, expandable barrier between two adjacent spaces; we also have multi-panel wall dividers whose panels are able to rotate a full 360 degrees, thanks to the distinctive design of the folding hinges.

This way, you can also create a more exciting arrangement in the shape of an “L” or with a graceful curve, letting you rearrange the learning environment at will to support any type of curriculum. The casters on our portable wall dividers allow for easy movement whenever you need to reshape your class space and when you need to store them after use.

We know that there will be times throughout the school day that children will get loud and rambunctious with each other, depending on classroom activities. There’s an elevated level of social engagement that occurs between faculty and students as well. Often there’s the need to control or contain noise in these situations. We carry several types of wall dividers that feature acoustical properties that allow students and teachers alike to focus and concentrate on learning.

With a multitude of options for fabric paneling, our wall dividers will help to minimize echo and dampen sound, so that each teacher can carry out her or his lesson plans and other school activities with little interruption from neighboring classrooms. A teacher in one classroom can administer an exam to her student with no concerns of distraction, while a teacher in the next classroom can conduct an interactive lesson with his class. The fabric used for these dividers is also non-toxic.

Wall dividers can inspire creativity and even curiosity. Color is a wonderful way to do this, with children tending to respond the most to bright colors, as opposed to pastels or other muted hues. Primary colors, for instance, are usually associated with children’s toys, room decor, and other objects. At Cubiture, we carry dividers in all kinds of colors, both bold and muted. Aside from the acoustical properties of fabric wall dividers mentioned above, another advantage is that they lend themselves to more creative spaces.

Fabric will easily accept pushpins for hanging up posters, signs, and students’ artwork as an alternative to conventional walls. We also carry shock-absorbing polycarbonate wall dividers available in several colors and opacities. Due to their durability and spray-cleanability, this material is a perfect choice for areas that tend to get messy, such as cafeterias and art classrooms. On top of this, they have a modern and unique aesthetic.

Unfortunately, we live in a time where it’s imperative now more than ever to keep our children safe. We know that schools are often targeted for gun violence and more must be done to protect students, faculty, and staff alike. Considering this new reality, wall dividers and other partitions can provide a defensive solution against active shooters.

Our portable partitions are integrated with ARMAT ballistic material that can hold up against multiple impacts from .44 magnum ammunition. as well as 9mm. They have been tested and certified per the National Institute of Justice standards by independent Ballistic Laboratories.

Call Cubiture today to see what wall dividers we have in store for your school or classroom. Don’t hesitate for a consultation where we can help you to determine which wall dividers are right for your needs!

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