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February 8, 2019

Regardless of your company’s size, you can increase your square footage utilization and enhance your overall space with office room dividers on wheels. These mobile, portable partitions are ideal for creating individual workspace, semi-open concept floorplans, and individual work areas. Cubiture carries multiple lines of portable partitions so that you can subdivide any space, regardless of industry.

Depending on the physical nature of your office and the kind of work done in it, dividing space with office room dividers on wheels can have different meanings for different companies. What if your main daily operations are out of a warehouse or other building space with large open areas? You may find it necessary to divide your staff according to their department or job function, further adding a physical touch to an already common method of division. You can also use office room dividers on wheels to divide office personnel based on projects. Within any space treated with dividers, employees can occupy their own individual workstations, stand-alone or clustered as needed.

Office room dividers on wheels are also excellent at creating impromptu meetings or conference areas for employees. Your office may not have a sufficient number of conventional, walled spaces to allow your company the ability to share ideas and give presentations without disturbing surrounding employees hard at work. Still another application of room dividers is waiting rooms and lobbies. They not only separate guests from work areas; they also provide create comfortable, shielded visitor space as well as soundproofing in both directions. Available in a wide range of colors, these office room dividers on wheels add an inviting, decorative touch that makes your guests feel welcome the moment they enter your establishment.

Our popular office room dividers on wheels include our high-quality, revolutionary sliding portable partitions. Appropriately known as “telescoping” partitions, these are designed with sliding, telescoping hinges that help to maintain a straight line no matter how long you need your partition to be. Speaking of partition length, you can choose a divider of various possible widths, extending up to 15’6”. If that’s still an insufficient length for your space, our dividers have unit-to-unit connectors that will allow you to join multiple dividers together. As far as height goes, some of our dividers can reach as high as 7’6” and even 12’ for more high-ceilinged applications.

Our sliding office room dividers with wheels are easy to move as well. The aluminum frame makes for a strong but lightweight product while the non-marking, locking casters can turn your partition from stationary to gliding in seconds, with no damage or scuffing to floor surfaces. For ease of storage, our sliding partitions contract to one panel width as well. Depending on the type you choose, end panels at 90 degrees can help to stabilize the entire unit. We also carry folding (accordion) versions, so give us a call if you’re interested in this option instead!

Every environment is different, and partitions must fit that environment to create the desired amount of privacy, which helps to maintain a workplace that’s productive and comfortable for employees. In just a matter of seconds you can create privacy with our fabric office room dividers on wheels. These dividers commonly employ two-inch-thick fabric acoustical panels which are excellent at blocking and absorbing sound in both directions. The fabric panels also accept push pins and tacks, providing you with a convenient surface to mount important notes, signage and other tackable materials.

Polycarbonate office room dividers on wheels come in a broad spectrum of colors and a nice range of opacities to suit your desired level of visibility while still maintaining privacy. Spray-cleanable and shock-proof, they offer a low-maintenance solution to the distractions common in a large work area where the various sights and sounds can make it difficult to concentrate. They are particularly useful where spills and other messes are common and so where cleanliness is a concern, such as cafeterias or various laboratory environments.

We at Cubiture understand that the need to divide and efficiently use office space knows no budget. That’s why we offer a selection of elegant and cost-effective office room dividers on wheels that have many of the characteristics and benefits as the dividers we carry at higher price points. All are made from lightweight yet durable flame-retardant 100% cotton canvas panels offered up in four colors—beige, black, red, and blue. The non-marking swivel casters make these dividers easy to bring in and out of storage also.

The least expensive room dividers on wheels, our accordion partitions rotate on 360-degree hinges that allow you to create rooms with “C” shaped or “L” shaped walls, just like the dividers we offer at higher price points. Panels fasten together via Velcro connectors, giving you the opportunity to attach individual units to each other for large-space applications such as auditoriums, gyms, warehouses, and large, open classrooms. With these, you can choose from two different widths and three different heights.

Our two-position office room divider on wheels consists of a panel that rotates on a tubular leg. In a vertical position, the panel stands 6’ tall by 4’ wide. In a horizontal position, it measures 4’ tall by 6’ wide. These partitions can be lined up and arranged in a variety of patterns to create workspace, meeting space, or waiting areas. Another one of our office room dividers on wheels is a three-panel privacy screen that allows you to quickly subdivide space on the fly. Measuring 6’x6’ and weighing only 37 pounds, they collapse effortlessly and are easily moved in and out of storage.

Finding the right office room dividers on wheels can be a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be. With our products found in offices, schools, service centers, convention centers, auto dealerships and even warehouses, Cubiture knows the importance of selecting the best products for your unique office situation. Give us a call today to see how we can help you transform your office space!

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