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April 12, 2019

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With today’s technology, it’s no doubt difficult to conceive of any work without the presence of office computer furniture. Before the advent of the personal computer, it had been much easier to choose a desk to purchase. It may have been that you just cared about size, style, and whether or not it had to be assembled after purchase.

Today, that decision is a bit more involving. As we continue to move through the 21st century, we can expect our technology to continuously change while our daily lives change with it. We should expect our offices and workstations to evolve along with our needs as people and employees, and office computer furniture is no exception to that standard. That’s why special considerations come into play when choosing the right office computer furniture for your space.

More and more studies are being conducted to draw attention to multiple aspects of the workplace, namely such qualities as employee welfare, morale, and productivity. One of the chief concerns in the workplace today is ergonomics since so much of this literature leads back to its importance in today’s design of office computer furniture. When an employee can easily spend eight hours or more daily at their computers, the stresses and strains of any incorrect body positioning can have negative effects on his or her productivity, bodily health, and general quality of life.

In order to prevent such health problems as bodily injury and pain as well as fatigue, all major parts of your office computer furniture set should be sturdy but flexible and height-adjustable. Adjustable worksurfaces such as the desktop allow your laptop to be placed at just the right height to keep your arms and fingers straight while typing at the keyboard.

If using a desktop with a separate keyboard, a keyboard tray should be able to fulfill this function. Today we’re also beginning to see the importance of incorporating physical activity into the workday, as represented by sit-stand desks. In this one desk, a user can decide when it’s best to sit and when it’s best to stand for a while instead, especially when it’s good for the circulation and for reducing fatigue.

The 8-hour rated ergonomic office chair, of which Cubiture carries plenty, is one important piece of office computer furniture that’s not to be overlooked. As the name suggests, chairs such as this are designed and engineered to reduce the stresses on the body as they’re used throughout a typical 8-hour workday.

Many parts of the chair are movable, including the armrests and the seat, to ensure proper relative positioning of a user’s body to their work surfaces. The chairs are often wheeled and also swivel to make physically navigating your workstation as easy possible. With cushioning and contouring, this piece of office computer furniture helps to give proper back support, particularly when sitting for almost the entire workday.

Office computer furniture should have ample space specifically designed for organizing external storage media, whether they be DVDs, external hard drives, and even thumb drives. It may be tempting to throw everything into a single deep drawer or bin, but often that’s how needed items tend to get overlooked or disappear when they’re most needed.

At Cubiture, however, a major area of our expertise lies in storage solutions! With ease, we can design and build cabinets, drawers, and other storage elements into your office computer furniture system in order to specifically accommodate your external storage media and make it accessible.

While many features of our digital workstations can be wireless these days, cords and wires aren’t likely to go away anytime soon, especially in the case of a desktop computer. This tangled mess can be a nuisance to manage and it only gets worse as more electronic equipment graces your office computer furniture in the form of wired second monitors, scanners, and printers.

The maze of wires isn’t just an eyesore at any one workstation but potentially across the floor of the office, as the only way to power computers and peripherals were via power strips that plugged into available power outlet already located in the walls of the office. Today, however, our office computer furniture can be built with powered panels containing all the wiring needed to power all your electronics and equipment, all the while reducing unsightly, tangled cords as well as tripping hazards.

While office computer furniture focuses mainly on how to support a digital workstation, paper still has a strong presence in our working lives. Whether printing, faxing, or record-keeping, paper can still be an important way for some employees to fulfill their job functions.

At Cubiture we pride ourselves on our knowledge of filing systems, which can be designed and built into your office computer furniture when continual trips to a file room become a hassle. Please inform us of compliance issues that require certain types of filing systems and/or security; that way we can customize your built-in filing system to meet any and all codes and specifications.

Our computer office furniture can be assembled as a kit of parts, which allows you to easily and flexibly reconfigure your workspace. There is an extensive number of features that are customizable according to varying user needs regarding visual privacy, acoustical performance, and aesthetic considerations. Various materials are available for your computer office furniture, including fabric, laminate, glass, and metal of various colors, decorative finishes, and textures.

Workstation panels are a way to provide privacy independent of actual sheetrock walls, especially in the case of an open-plan office. These panels can also enable the clustering of workstations with other coworkers and in multiple directions, without having to be tethered to walls for support. You can choose low, medium, or high workstation panels to correspond with how much personal privacy is important to you.

As you can see, Cubiture carries office furnishings of all kinds and can easily build custom office computer furniture as well to suit all of your modern technological needs. Whether it’s a desk or cubicle, a storage system, or a chair, our furniture is designed and built with how you work in mind.

Give us a call for a free consultation so we can help you decide what needs to be included in a high-performance office computer furniture system specifically tailored to your workplace. Don’t forget that shipping is 100% free with every order you place. Give us a call today!

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