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August 10, 2017
Manufacturer Direct Office Furniture For Sale At Deep Discounted Prices Save Up To 70%

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How often have you visited direct office furniture sites that were anything but direct?
Their shopping carts are cumbersome. Their inventory constantly fluctuates. The one thing you want is out of stock. Prices are not what they seem, and shipping costs eat up whatever savings you gain on so-called discounts.

Cubiture offers you something better, more reliable, and far more affordable.
Our factory and warehousing facility, located in Northwest Houston, offers three lines of discounted office furniture and cubicle systems.

1. Used, “As-Is” Office Furniture
“As-is” furniture is any table, desk, cubicle, chair, or storage system that is resold in the condition in which it was purchased. You would be surprised at the number conference room tables, reception desks, office chairs, and call center cubicles that still retain their original look and perform reliably in their new workflow configuration.

Ideal for start-up companies, “as-is” furniture represents the least expensive direct office furniture source that Cubiture has to offer.

2. Refurbished Cubicles and Furniture Systems
Cubiture is a certified Herman Miller Refurbishing Center. As such, we can purchase cubicle systems from companies who are liquidating inventory and recondition these systems prior to resale. We re-purpose all surface areas, replace panel fabrics, and repair faulty locks and drawers on storage units. We stand by this work with a 1-year warranty.

3. Custom Systems at Discounts of up to 40%
With Cubiture, “custommeans less, not more.
Because we own our own factory, we can build individualized workstations, reception desks, and storage cabinets at a fraction of the cost of name brand, direct office furniture companies. Many of the furnishings photographed in our website are custom systems that were designed for small Houston medical facilities, financial centers, and oil and gas supply companies.

Cubiture's Showroom, located at 10704 Telge Rd, Houston, TX 77095, offers new office furniture delivered directly to your office.
We carry lines from over 500 manufacturers sourced directly from all over the world. Find conference room tables, ergonomic office chairs, ergonomic desking systems, and storage solutions that maximize profitable utilization of your square footage.

In a time of economic volatility, Houston companies need more than a one-click solution.
They need a direct office furniture store that can remain within budget to create improved workflow, ergonomic, and space management solutions. They need an empathetic approach to office layout design that reflects their value production, mission statement, and corporate culture. They need a team of experts who can deliver what they need without downtime, hassle, or hidden costs.

They need Cubiture—Houston's premier direct office furniture source.

Houston Office Furniture Direct – Call 713-412-0900 For A FREE Quote

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