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February 7, 2019

Office space dividers can be an excellent solution for growing businesses that must adapt their office space to new hires coming aboard. Maybe you are part of a business that will expand into new office spaces or even into new office buildings altogether. This can present an opportunity to organize and further divide that company’s new spaces. Or perhaps a relocation is not in order and your company’s existing space needs to be further divided. No matter what the situation, at Cubiture, we have a varied selection of office space dividers to help serve growing businesses as a reasonable space-making alternative when others just aren’t feasible.

An office space divider can come in handy in many ways, depending on the layout of the space and the nature of the work done within it. They’re especially useful if your office has large uninterrupted spaces that would benefit from physically defined zones. Imagine if you worked in a large warehouse. It wouldn’t be difficult for a voice at one end of the building to carry and be heard at the other. Visual information can also be overwhelming if one has a constant view of all his or her coworkers and goings-on in the building. Since it’s so important for employees to stay productive with little distraction throughout the workday from noise and visuals, an office space divider can help in offering privacy against acoustic and visual noise.

An office space divider can divide your largest room into smaller subdivisions in which you can place a number of office cubicles, organized as you see fit. You may want delineation among your company’s various existing departments, or maybe your company is developing a new department. Perhaps one department requires its employees to interface more with clients or other professionals, such as the sales department, which means more sociability. In a case like this, an office space divider can separate a louder zone from a quieter zone whose occupants need more concentration while doing their work. A divider can also help when a company must cluster people

An office space divider can also separate space in other scenarios. It can divide the general work area from other spaces where people convene, such as the conference room and the break room. This can also allow continued concentration of surrounding employees as a business meeting is underway or as someone’s loudly taking a lunch break. A divider can also physically establish the division that exists organizationally between managerial staff and non-managerial staff. In cases where client-used spaces such as lobbies might otherwise share space with interior operations, an office space divider can provide a useful visual barrier between the two.

Our office space dividers are available in sliding and folding varieties. If you opt for our sliding, or “telescoping” divider, you can control the length of your partition depending on the needs of your space. The sliding hinge helps to keep your divider straight, no matter what length it’s operating at. Our folding dividers can be shaped into several configurations, including an L-shape or a C-shape and of course simply a straight line. Depending on which divider you’re interested in, you can have the choice of a wall-mounted version or a portable version, both of which have locking casters to provide stability and ease of movement. Our dividers can even be used over uneven flooring, thanks to an articulating hinge system that is highly flexible.

You can choose from fabric or polycarbonate office space dividers. Our fabric dividers employ 2-inch-thick panels to aid in dampening sound for when the sociability of one employee competes with the concentration of another. Our polycarbonate dividers come in varying ranges of opacity and color, offering a visually beautiful option that controls visual privacy while letting in crucial lighting.

Reaching as high as 12 feet, we have office space dividers that are perfect for when your building has high ceilings, such as in the case of a warehouse or an educational facility. There are also multiple widths you can choose from depending on the space you’re looking to divide. There are many colors to choose from as well, so your office space divider can be as stylish as it is useful. Ranging from bright hues to earth tones, you’re sure to find a divider that coordinates with the interior design and décor of your office space.

Push pins can also be used on the fabric office space dividers, which can expand their role on a personal level for memos, calendars, and children’s artwork, as well as on a professional level in the form of space for community-based messages, often-used lunch menus. Of course, these dividers can also accommodate posters and presentation materials, especially when used to form a conference or meeting room.

We at Cubiture offer many office space dividers and partitions to choose from, depending on what you’re seeking for your office space. Contact us to see how we can help you in choosing the perfect dividers for your business. Call Cubiture today!

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