What Do Desktop Privacy Panels Do?

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March 21, 2019

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With desktop privacy panels by Cubiture, you can ignore the hustle and bustle of your surrounding environment in order to keep on task at work, home, or school. With multiple dimensions of color, size, and material to choose from, you can enjoy a workstation panel system that is sensitive to your unique and personal work needs while also offering an aesthetic touch to your general work environment.

Cubiture can help to provide a solution that lets you get the job done with our attractive and hard-working desktop privacy panels.

The main objective of the desktop privacy panel is to provide its user with a level of privacy that allows an uninterrupted workflow even in the midst of loud coworkers and distracting environmental stimuli in a busy shared work setting. These panels can help to dampen the sound around your workspace while blocking out excess office noise so that you can stay productive and focused throughout your busy workday.

Desktop privacy panels can keep the peering eyes of coworkers and supervisors out, as well as keep unwanted noise at bay. However, these panels are actually a two-way solution to your privacy issues.

They also keep wanted sound within your workstation, such as when you’re listening to a client at the other end of the line in a cramped call center or a prospective employee in an intimate interview space. Desktop privacy panels also protect your own view from visual distractions beyond your workstation.

Our desktop privacy panels are highly valuable additions to the office space when a traditional cubicle is too costly or bulky to be an effective feature in the daily work operations of your business. Open-concept offices or other coworking environments are often the most in need of desktop privacy panels for their workers. At one point they were seen as a way to foster collaboration and creativity. That can still be achieved, but we now know through studies and reports that a fully interactive office space doesn’t come without its own nuisances, such as unsolicited conversation, nosy “neighbors,” and micromanaging supervisors.

Many young companies take advantage of today’s trend of setting up shop in the old buildings of their cities’ industrial districts. These warehouses and other buildings are often composed of large spaces lined with hard surfaces such as steel and brick. These interiors, while not without their charms, considerably inhibit the acoustics of the space. Desktop privacy panels can be a welcome substitute for softer, more sound-absorbing surfaces to provide you with a quieter workspace that helps to reduce echo in a room that’s otherwise lousy with reverberation.

Schools are of course well suited for using desktop privacy panels. While all educational facilities accommodate centers and spaces for individual student testing, not all of them do so in the same way. Some centers are simply open rooms, devoid of walls, niches, partitions, or other dividers.

This is where our desktop privacy panels come in handy. With a handful of acoustically-performing panels and supporting hardware, you can quickly and efficiently turn a vast and impersonal space into a more controlled one that tests student’s aptitudes while deterring wandering eyes.

Our desktop privacy panels are available in different sizes to enhance your personal touch to the workstation. We have panels in widths of 22” and 47”. The available heights are 11” and 22”. Along with such orthogonal forms as squares and rectangles, we also offer a graceful wave shape which spans a height of 47” with one end reaching 11” in height and the other end reaching 22”.

Users can have fun creating a personalized sense of privacy in the way they manipulate panels of various shape and size. You can have a square desktop privacy panel line one edge of your desk and a wave shape line the other edge. If you have a two-winged corner desk, you can pair two wave-shaped panels together so that they meet at their highest points, creating a cozy corner niche for your computer.

Our acoustically superior desktop privacy panels are composed of multiple layers, one of which is a 100% recyclable, environmentally friendly non-woven polyester core which provides excellent noise reduction. These panels are composed of such materials that more noise is absorbed than reflected or transmitted with a 0.65 noise reduction coefficient (NRC) rating.

These portable acoustic panels easily dampen room reverberations and sound in general. The environmentally-conscious construction of these desktop privacy panels is non-toxic, with no off-gassing or emissions of odors. You won’t find the same claim among the fiberglass foam so often used in “equivalent” acoustical panels.

With our desktop privacy panels, you can merge beauty with utility by customizing your sound-dampening panels with one or more of our many available beautiful hues, which range from neutral and muted to bold and bright. With our standard desktop privacy panels, you can choose from more than 20 color options, and with our premium desktop privacy panels, four sophisticated color options are available: beige, black, cloud gray, and royal blue. If you want to add a little fun to your workstation, or to your overall work or study space, you can always mix and match colors, shapes, and sizes to visually spruce up your surroundings.

Our desktop privacy panels come with invaluable accessories to make your workstation divider system work best. You can choose from two types of mounting brackets: free-standing or edge-clips mounts. Once you’ve placed the brackets where you’d like them, all you have to do is slide the panels between the two prongs of each bracket for an instant transformation of your workspace.

With our free-standing mounting brackets, you can move your desktop privacy panel conveniently across the surface of your table or desk. This is especially helpful when one table is shared among multiple users.

In a case like this, you can easily and comfortably create multiple private workstations with the strategical addition and placement of desktop privacy panels along the table’s length. With the edge-clip mounting brackets, as long as you have a free lip or edge to your the surface of your workstation, they can help you maximize your desk space, especially when you have little work surface as it is.

Our panel links are indispensable accessories that help with any configuration of desktop privacy panels you can muster for your workstation. This added versatility is also met with extra stability as they fasten any two panels at corners. These connectors clip between any two adjacent panels that meet at the edges to create full panel units.

You can fashion cube shapes that extend across desks, or even easily accommodate circular-shaped tabletops.

Between the simplicity of design that lends a modern touch to your workstation, the optimal sound-absorbing material that gives you relief from an environment fraught with distraction, and a price point that you simply can’t refuse no matter your budget, our desktop privacy panels from Cubiture really do pack a punch.

With the degree of specifiable options, give us a call for a free consultation to see how you can narrow down your choices to make these panels best work for your space, whether it be for the home, office, or school use. Don’t forget that with every order you place, you can expect 100% free shipping. Call Cubiture today at (713) 412-0900!

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