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April 10, 2019


With all the emphasis that modern culture places on things that are brand spanking new and cutting-edge, reconditioned office furniture can easily sound like a euphemism to many. One might get the impression that it’s has-been furniture that’s permanently lost its luster. That couldn’t be further from the truth, however.

Through Cubiture, each piece of reconditioned office furniture is restored and rejuvenated to bring it as closely to a new model as possible. Whether it’s replacing damaged hardware or refinishing pieces with fresh, updated materials, the reconditioning process can remove any indications that a piece of office furniture was once teetering on the edge of a landfill. This, coupled with the many other advantages reconditioned office furniture provides over newer counterparts, might have you thinking twice about twice-used furniture.

As is the case with most used items, one of the number one reasons that people tend to purchase reconditioned office furniture is the associated lower costs. The cost of this type of furniture is generally based on two factors. The first factor is labor costs associated with removing and replacing any damaged materials and elements from the original piece of furniture. The other factor is the cost of the replacement materials themselves.

Because pieces of reconditioned office furniture have already been constructed, it doesn’t take a whole lot of materials to recondition any of the furniture’s surfaces. Much damage can easily be attended to as well: panel fabrics are easily and quickly replaced, scratches on laminates can be sanded down in no time, and even new wood veneer can be applied relatively quickly. Each of these materials are of course available in a number of textures, colors, and finishes as well. Ultimately you can reap savings with reconditioned office furniture through low-cost components and relatively little labor.

Even businesses with a large budget can opt for reconditioned office furniture as well. Cubiture founder and President Jerry Mogyorody has an extensive and diverse array of materials, from fabrics to laminates and veneers, representing many grades and price points. Needless to say with so many functional and aesthetic options to choose from, Jerry is more than willing to help you find those that would work best with your budget, business model, and workflow needs.

With reconditioned office furniture, time is also linked to cost in terms of savings. You may love the idea of custom-designed new office workstations, but you simply don’t have the time for it. On top of a low price, you may just want to quickly select, obtain, and install workstations in your office space so that you and your staff can literally get down to business.

Thanks to our factory’s additional role as a refurbishing center, a business in your position can greatly benefit here. On a monthly basis, we welcome hundreds of used cubicles and workstations into our factory, thoroughly inspect and recondition them, and then ship them out to their new owners. With having our own fleet of trucks, we can even ship and install your reconditioned office furniture free of charge so that you can enjoy even greater savings.

Another benefit of reconditioned office furniture is that you don’t have to go through the hassle of sizing a workstation that hasn’t even been built yet. Integral to the design of a new workstation is the determination of its size, which in turn would necessitate space planning and possible related meetings to confirm proper sizing for you and your staff.

Since reconditioned office furniture has already been built, this step can be effectively passed over. That being said, with Cubiture’s vast experience in space planning, we can still draw up a floor plan to see how we can conveniently fill the space with already-sized reconditioned office furniture according to the workflow needs of your business.

Since reconditioned office furniture comes to us from companies from all over, you get the added benefit of diversity as well. It would be misguided to think that your range of choices is limited. We have literally hundreds of material options, including fabrics, laminates, veneers, and even glass, just waiting to reconstitute your workstation based on your individual preferences and needs.

Of course, each of these pieces of reconditioned office furniture has its own original charm, being from all types of manufacturers and of all types of builds. We have repurposed many different types of office furniture, including modular systems, ergonomic sit-stand desks, corner desking systems, U- and L-shaped workstations, and office furniture specifically designed to accommodate digital workstations.

With the many advantages that reconditioned office furniture affords, why not consider it when outfitting your own office space? Just give us a call at (713) 412-0900 and see how we at Cubiture can help guide you in a free consultation to discuss what you need and we have by way of reconditioned office furniture.

You can order well in advance of their planned installation, so that Jerry can discuss material options that keep your future order within your budget. Free office layout drawings can also be provided by our staff to indicate where your future workstations and other furniture will be installed. And, of course, shipping is always free to you with every order you place. Don’t hesitate to give us a call today!

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