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March 19, 2019

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If you’re looking for hanging fabric room dividers to control the noise in your space, then look no further! You may not always get to choose the sound level surrounding your particular office or place of work, so that’s why we carry acoustical room dividers as well as cubicles and other office furniture.

Cubiture understands the importance of blocking out unwanted sound when work needs to be done in a manner that minimizes distraction and stress while maximizing concentration, happiness, and productivity in the workplace. One of the most versatile and aesthetically pleasing ways to do this is with our hanging fabric room dividers.

With sound always occurring in our physical environment, as well as being reflected off of surfaces of various objects, it’s not difficult for any space that encourages focus and quiet to be negatively affected by noise.

You may sometimes feel like you’re not adequately equipped to find a solution, especially as you keep in mind our suggestion to you to cover at least 15-20% of your space’s square footage for best sound-dampening results. Luckily, you can make it easy to add noise protection and absorption to virtually any space—with or without walls—by using our hanging fabric room dividers.

Do you work in a sprawling, open-concept space where few vertical barriers would make wall-mounted acoustical panels ineffective against a noisy environment? Maybe you do actually have sufficient wall space but it must stay panel-free, such as with museums and galleries that want to keep their walls clear for the sake of their exhibits.

Or maybe you’re looking to add a new level of visual interest to your otherwise boring space—one that could even help your space achieve a more intimate human scale. Hanging fabric room dividers are the perfect way to address these situations and many more by enhancing your space, acoustically as well as aesthetically.

Based on their method of mounting, Culture's hanging fabric room dividers are a perfect solution for when you want to maintain the openness of your floor plan—as well as your floor and walls—while still controlling noise and echo with an elegant and no-fuss paneling system.

This can especially be said in the case of high-ceilinged spaces that reflect lots of sounds. Bustling open-concept offices can be the perfect site for controlling problematic noise and echo, as employees might struggle to keep their focus on their solo work or during meetings amid all the visual and aural stimuli.

In a restaurant setting, while adding to the interior décor of the space, hanging fabric room dividers can also make conversation easier to understand among all the competing noise. They can add fun, colored accents to the halls and lesson and activity rooms of K-12 educational facilities, children’s gyms, and other various child care centers as well. Theaters, auditoriums, and recording studios are also good candidates for hanging fabric room dividers.

Along with their aesthetically pleasing hanging-flag formation, you can adjust the elevation of these hanging fabric room dividers in order to control physical comfort levels of users. Educational facilities often have expansive halls with high ceilings that may feel dull, monotonous, and impersonal.

Students may even feel vulnerable in these tall, wide spaces. By their very mounting style, hanging fabric room dividers can lower the perceived height of the space and give users the impression of a more intimate, human-scale space to traverse.

Hanging fabric room dividers afford an attractive and stylish method of absorbing noise in your space. Made in the U.S.A. and ecologically friendly, these panels offer superior sound- and reverberation-dampening capabilities, thanks to its NRC (Noise Reduction Coefficient) rating of 0.65. If you’re already familiar with our acoustical fabric folding or sliding room partitions, then you’ll know the feel of the well-engineered, highly durable FR701 acoustical fabric that makes up the outermost layer of one of these hanging fabric room dividers.

The second layer of the composition consists of 100% recyclable 2000 gram density non-woven polyester which dampens noise—1” thick in our standard model and 2” thick in our premium model. While just as effective in its role as the fiberglass foam that’s often used in other products on the market, only without its toxicity.

The third layer at each core is a sound trap in the form of a rigid mineral board honeycomb. The layers of these hanging fabric room dividers are bonded together by a non-toxic solvent-free adhesive system that will not emit volatile organic compounds.

Hanging fabric room dividers are very lightweight, so you can expect to move and hang them on your own and with ease. The built-in eyelets in each panel let you use the mounting hardware of your choice as you may deal with a variety of ceiling and structural conditions.

They come in various simple size options, yield either squares or rectangles, which work with spaces of various scale. Our standard model comes in heights of 22” and 47” as well as widths of 11” and 22”. The premium counterpart has both height and width options of 11”, 22”, and 47”. These hanging fabric room dividers come in over twenty color options, giving you a lot of latitude in creating a unique landscape along your ceilings.

If you’re feeling creative and looking to add bold style and your personal vision to your space, you can mix and match these hanging fabric room dividers to yield a seemingly infinite number of possible combinations. Why not mimic the color palette of your business logo or the existing décor in your workspace?

If you work in a school, reinforce school spirit by adding these hanging fabric room dividers in the school’s colors. You can even apply what you know about the psychology of color, to your interior, such as using green or blue as a calming accent, or yellow or red as one of enthusiasm, optimism, and energy. You can organize various color, shape, and size combinations of these panels to create works of art of any size.

Here at Cubiture, we can always provide you with excellent acoustical furnishings for your place of business, even when noise control might seem impossible. If you need some guidance with navigating our wide selection of hanging fabric room dividers and even wall-mounted variants, give us a call for a free consultation so we can start helping you design and execute the perfect acoustical system. With all the orders you place, shipping is 100% free. Don’t hesitate to call us today at (713) 412-0900!

Soundproofing Walls – 713-412-0090

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