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March 15, 2019

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With workstation dividers provided by Cubiture, you can make any desk private. While we also carry full-fledged cubicles replete with partitions of customizable height, you may not always find them to be feasible or even necessary. With our made-in-the-USA workstation dividers give you a cost-effective, not to mention a visually interesting, creative, and fun way to enjoy individual privacy and increased focus to get you through a busy workday.

With the 21st century advent of many tech startups came the solidification of the open-concept office in the United States. There were hopeful intentions to create an environment that would foster cooperation, creativity, and the free flow of ideas without barriers like cubicle partitions or even workstation dividers to stop them.

Not before spreading to the corporate environment, recent studies have shown that this open-concept office layout may not have been all it was cracked up to be. We’ve finally come to the conclusion that a lack of privacy is detrimental to a worker’s mental and physical state, and to worker productivity in general. Workstation dividers help to make privacy accessible to anyone, and rightfully so when personal well-being and quality of work so often depend on it.

While anyone can use a workstation divider, there are many specific situations where having one would come in handy, most commonly in a work environment such as an office or in a study environment such at an educational facility or a library. Naturally, in the case of the office, workstation dividers are perfect for individual employees who go about their specific daily tasks.

They’re an excellent alternative to cubicle workstations for when a business just doesn’t have them in the budget yet still want to provide employees with a workspace to call their own. Perhaps it’s just that cubicles are too bulky for the purposes of creating more private workstations.

Workstation dividers would be an excellent addition to classrooms and open testing centers in educational facilities. In libraries, a common study area can employ workstation dividers to designate zones for private study when individual rooms aren’t provided.

Workstation dividers don’t just keep outside eyes from looking in. Users can also appreciate a blocked view of their surroundings when visual stimuli can overwhelm the senses and cause a major distraction.

Cubicle World offers workstation dividers in two types of materials that both block out excess noise while getting your workstation organized. With a premium acoustical construction, our workstation dividers can easily drown out all sorts of environmental noise, without utilizing the same panels of toxic fiberglass foam often seen in other acoustical panels on the market.

Our environmentally-friendly acoustical fabric workstation divider panels have a 100% recyclable nonwoven polyester core to increase noise reduction. All layers are bonded together with an adhesive system that is non-toxic. They’re solvent-free, meaning no volatile organic compounds will be off-gassing from our panels.

These acoustical fabric workstation dividers are available in 24 beautiful colors, ranging from neutral to bold so that you can coordinate them with your surrounding decor for a unifying sense of style. For when employees want to make the most out of their workspace, our fabric accepts push pins to easily attach notes and personal items to the walls.

Our high-density workstation dividers also provide superior acoustical performance, only they’re made of a high-density rigid acoustical non-woven polyester in place of acoustical fabric. Like our acoustical fabric, these dividers are 100% recyclable and friendly to the environment. The high-density polyester is solvent-free, so no off-gassing will occur.

Also able to accept push pins, this workstation divider provides additional opportunity to add a personal touch to any individual workstation. High-density dividers are offered in four attractive colors: beige, black, cloud gray, royal blue.

Both of our workstation dividers are available in the same variety of shapes and sizes to really give a personal touch to your workstation. You can choose your divider from widths of 22” and 47”. As far as heights, we offer these dividers in 11” and 22”. Different combinations of these dimensions will yield squares or rectangles.

Aside from these orthogonal forms, you can also choose one that mimics a wave. Changing height smoothly from one side at 11” to the other side at 22”, this form of workstation divider can change the level of privacy you need across one width of 47” depending on the nature of your task.

With the help of steel mounting brackets, both our high-density and fabric workstation dividers also have the same mounting methods available: a free-standing variety and a desk-clamped variety. The free-standing variety can be set atop your work surface via footings at the base of the brackets. If you’re looking for a more secure bracket that also affords maximum desk space, try our desk-clamped variety.

By way of a vice-like attachment, the edge clip allows you to apply your divider directly to the edge or lip of your desk. All individual mounting brackets are made of steel and have two prongs between which you can secure the panels of each workstation divider. This way, you can also remove one panel for another within mere seconds as your need for privacy or a change of scenery may demand it.

You can also use workstation dividers that employ both styles of mounting in both a work or study setting. For instance, you can turn any long work table, such as those found in common study areas of a library and create multiple private study areas on it. Simply border the free perimeter of the table with desk-clamped dividers and add enough free-standing dividers within the table’s surface to create side-by-side study areas whose widths easily adjust based on personal comfort.

Maybe a business rather than a school or library would benefit from such a placement of workstation dividers. Perhaps you work in an office that’s unconventionally furnished with these tables as multiple-user workstations. You can turn that table into a cluster of workstations that let employees enjoy privacy from one another without being fully removed from their surroundings.

Workstation dividers are great for organizing workers based on company department or project. They also provide an efficient privacy solution for call centers, which usually see high concentrations of employees sharing one large, open space. In a situation like this, you may find our white plastic panel links to be useful in securing any two workstation dividers that join at right angles for a sturdier workstation.

With our workstation dividers, it’s okay to find a quick and simple solution in a hectic environment in order to attend to your work and study needs. With our variety of sizes, colors, and materials you enjoy maximum customizability for your specific workstation settings.

Just call us at Cubiture for a free consultation to help you select the perfect workstation dividers, and to hear about our 100% free shipping with every order you place.

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