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April 11, 2019

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With Cubiture, you can enjoy endless possibilities when it comes to office furniture of all kinds, and that includes corner office furniture as well, With so many variations of any office element you may need or desire—desk, lateral file, overhead storage, open shelving, and more—any arrangement is available and more than possible. When you decide to utilize corner office furniture for your personal workstation, you’re agreeing to make the most of little space with lots of workflow possibilities.

It may be true that the individual corner office was once the place of the executive staff member, a coveted location for many coworkers. While the trend may have begun growing more toward the idea of openness, accessibility, and transparency—both of employees and managers—there are still many benefits that corner office furniture provides and which today’s employees of all kinds can enjoy.

Whether it’s in the home or the commercial office, a corner can be a great location for any employee to work. For one, corner office furniture is a great idea for when there is any issue regarding spatial limitations in the office space. When you work in a commercial office building and you decide to incorporate the presence of corners and end walls into your desking system, you can benefit from more floor space freed up for such important things as foot traffic, high-density storage, collaboration areas, guest areas, and even more workstations if necessary. By utilizing corner office furniture, you can maximize space in this way, allowing you to secure the highest possible return on your lease.

One of the reasons that a corner office furniture setup so great is that you have at least two worksurfaces that can often allow you to multitask, especially on busy workdays. Some people dedicate each wing for a particular major function in their daily operational tasks. Perhaps one end includes all of your electronic equipment, such as your computer, printer/fax machine, and landline phone system, while the other end could be reserved for paperwork that you might need to manage on the side. You can also use your computer as a dividing element between two workspaces by positioning it at their meeting point right at the corner.

Anchor both free ends of your corner office furniture with your most preferred storage solutions. In doing this you can maximize your movement along your work surfaces by keeping the space below your desk as clear of physical obstacles as possible. At one end you can include a storage tower, similar to a locker, that can consist of drawers as well as cabinets and open shelving to accommodate a variety of storable materials. At the other end, consider a small file chest. Your corner office furniture can be truly integrative, where these elements can add structural support to your workstation. Alternatively, they can be independent and even portable, sliding in and out of place while also being movable and interchangeable.

A creative approach to dealing with the space in your workstation means that you have more possible options to consider. Already, you may be considering a corner office furniture to make use of underutilized space in a case where floor space may be at a premium. Luckily, vertical space offers considerable square footage. If your corner office furniture is in the likely situation of butting up against two adjoining sheet-rocked walls, any user might be able to take advantage of this with some wall-mounted office features. Wall-mounted shelving and other storage features are at your disposal when you have vertical supports available, delivering easy-to-access storage that takes up no actual room.

Multiple employees in one office can benefit from corner office furniture, even sharing the same workstation. Since there are effectively at least two work surfaces, there is plenty of space possible to be used for a second person, especially if project teams are assigned or if separate departments are formed. You don’t have to stop at just one corner office furniture set in this capacity; you can put multiple corner workstations together to create a hub of collaboration with the goal of a single project in mind.

It can go without saying that it is really the desk that forms the central component of any workstation. This is partially because of the many forms it can take in the office, having great potential to respond specifically to the workflow needs of its users. While the traditional box-shaped rectangular desk represents the most basic shape, the typical contemporary corner office furniture set will undoubtedly include an L-shaped desk or maybe even a U-shaped desk. These can allow you to consolidate a considerable amount of worksurface into a tight, compact workstation area. One can essentially use two to even three times as much space as would otherwise be used if one weren’t utilizing corner office furniture.

At Cubiture, when you have a nearly infinite number of possibilities to choose from, you can have fun selecting the perfect pieces to build a complete corner office furniture set. You can shop from a vast number of furnishings for your office, each with a number of customizable features to keep you in control. Give Cubiture a call at (713) 412-0900 to join a free consultation where we can help you decide on the perfect corner office furniture set for your home or office. With every order you make, you can also expect free shipping. Call us today!

Call 713-412-0900 for a free office design layout

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