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November 15, 2017

Cubiture's Cubicle setup service takes less time than other office furniture companies.

Our owner, Jerry Mogyorody, has always been adamant about planning and design.  His advanced knowledge of ergonomics, combined with his expertise in space planning, enable to Jerry to design customer workstations for virtually any type of business in the Houston marketplace.  If you are planning to move into a new office, or if you are simply expanding your existing space, Jerry can help you maximize your square footage utilization with ergonomic, personalized cubicle systems manufactured right here in Houston, TX.

Jerry can also help guide your selection of panel and desk materials.  Cubiture has hundreds of veneer, laminate, and fabric options for workstation partitions and work surfaces.  We also have glass inserts, sound masking materials, and accessories to personalize your cubicles to individual job descriptions.

Cubiture's cubicle setup service costs less money.

Because we own our own factory and our own fleet of trucks, you actually end up paying less for custom workstation designs than you would if you purchased your cubicles from a name brand retailer.  We can build your cubicles to your specification and deliver them straight to your office.   Because there are no long-term warehousing costs involved, and because we are selling directly and locally, our prices are considerably lower than other dealers who are reselling cubicles at M.S.R.P.

Of course, if you want a particular brand cubicle such as Herman Miller or Steel Case, we can certainly provide this for you.  Even then, however, you may up paying less with Cubiture if you opt for refurbished cubicles that we can recondition in our factory prior to installation.

Jerry ALWAYS stands behind his work and the work of his team.

Anything that we sell out of our factory, as well as all the labor involved with cubicle setup, is backed up with a parts and labor warranty.  Jerry is a champion of customer service and is reputed to be one of the most customer-centric professionals in the cubicle systems and office furniture business.  Cubiture is a Better Business Bureau member with an outstanding track record in customer satisfaction.  Whether your budget is large or small, you matter a great deal to us.  Call us today, and let us develop a lasting solution that will deliver a return for years to come.

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