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July 16, 2019

Office furniture outlet stores are found throughout the entire country, as well as online. Used furniture or thrift stores get desks and chairs donated and offer low pricing to the budget-conscious. However, few, if any of these office furniture outlets offer you as much as Cubiture.

With both a fully operational factory and an office furniture showroom, Cubiture can supply you with either new, refurbished, or used as-is office furniture at a price point that meets your budget.

We are one of the few office furniture outlets anywhere that offer complimentary space planning at such a fine level of detail. This is because our owner, Jerry Mogyorody, is a floor space utilization expert. He has trained our team to see a workspace as a series of furnishings working together in integral efficiency–not just stand-alone pieces of office furniture.

Even when working with a discount office furniture outlet, Purchasing chairs, desks, and other necessary items can quickly become expensive when looking to furnish your home office or private and communal office. Warehouse and outlet retailers significantly reduce cost.

Figuring out what size furniture fits your floor-plan eliminates future confusion.

Begin by looking at the size of the rooms. Can it hold more than one desk or workstation side by side, or is there only enough floor space for one traditional desk. “A smaller office like this can be transformed by a wrap around the desk that runs along the wall and wraps around corners. This type of configuration makes use of the office perimeter and allows each individual to have plenty of personal workspaces.

Cubiture space planners can design such layouts. We always have examples at our office furniture outlet. In larger rooms, we recommend using removable partitions as cubicle walls. These partitions come in a variety of types. Some fold, while others roll on wheels. They allow your team to create individual work areas that are customized to each employee. Removable partitions also allow you to create team areas where groups of employees can work collaboratively.

Portable partitions are much less expensive than full cubicle walls, and they are ideal for companies that are growing because they are so easy to reconfigure as you add to your team.

For companies on a budget, we function as a used office furniture outlet. We are continuously restocking our used furniture selection through either our furniture buyback program or our furniture liquidation program.

A company going out of business, or moving to a new location, offers a solution to obtaining used office fixtures for less money.

Many are more than willing to sell at a decent price if you plan to purchase several pieces. In most cases, this furniture is in good working condition. However, if it does show signs of visible wear, our refurbishing experts can restore any cubicle, desk, chair, or table to near -mint condition.

Cubiture space planning ensures that your office furnishings will match so that they create a unified office decor. Most office furniture outlets that offer huge discounts on price source their tables, desks, chairs, and casegoods from so many disparate sources that it is difficult to put together a matching office site on your own.

With Cubiture, you don’t have to worry about this. Our space planners develop your workflow drawing based upon your preferred decorative style. They then populate this design with either new or used office furnishings available through our supply chain.

If necessary, we can also manufacture desks, tables, and cubicles custom to your workflow and office design requirement.s. How many office furniture outlets have their own factory, and how many offer you so much choice? With Cubiture, you get highly personalized service combined with the best possible price for your choices. With access to over 500 office furniture manufacturers—and with our own manufacturing facility–we stand ready to supply any type of business with the most ergonomic, attractive, and functional furnishings that their budget will allow.

Call Jerry now to schedule an appointment at our office furniture outlet showroom. Take a tour through our selection to get a general idea for the look and feel your office needs, Our space planners will take it from there, and our own trucks will deliver your furniture at no additional cost to your company. Contact us today.

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