How Cubiture Redefines Buying Office Furniture Online

July 18, 2019

Many businesses simply do not have the time to visit an office furniture showroom, choosing instead to shop for office furniture online as a time-saving alternative. This option actually offers several advantages over physically visiting a showroom. For one thing, the Internet contains tens of thousands of pictures that anyone can view from their smartphone. No showroom can even come close to that man physical models onsite.

Pricing is more competitive, too, when you shop for office furniture online

With some companies like Cubiture offering free shipping and installation to incentivize purchasing. Shopping online also frees a business from being locked into a particular brand or type of furnishing.

Some of our competitors, for example, act as exclusive resellers of one or two specific manufacturers, which in turn limits customer options to what only these manufacturers provide. Cubiture represents over 500 manufacturers and operates its own fabrication plant so that anything a customer sees online can be bought through our retail channel or our custom build division at a price point they can afford.

Many of our customers are surprised that a local, family-owned company from Houston has such massive delivery power throughout the Continental United States. They wonder how something that began as a small, privately-owned business developed has made so much money from office furniture online. The facts of the matter are neither as complex or as esoteric as some might think.

The success of our company has resulted, more than anything, from the forward-thinking capabilities of our founder and President, Jerry Mogyorody

Jerry's uncanny ability to read the marketplace has enabled him to spot major changes in the office furniture industry long before his competitors could recognize them. One of these major shifts occurred about 10 years ago when online traffic to furniture websites began to vastly exceed the amount of foot traffic to office furniture showrooms.

Jerry did not get rid of his showroom. That would be counterintuitive to his emphasis on personalized service.  Many businesses near our main office still visit our showroom just to have Jerry himself personally design their office layout. However, Jerry realized that to work on a national level he would have to do something very different.  He quickly refocused his marketing efforts toward promoting office furniture online. In less than two years, Cubiture went from being a very localized business that operated primarily in the Houston area to a national company that works on three levels and delivers turnkey solutions throughout the country.

On one level, Cubiture functions as a retail supplier of major brands such as Global, Friant, Herman Miller, NDI, and Offices 2 Go. On a second level, we function as a distributor of off brands, imports, and used/refurbished furniture intended for growing organizations who are still operating on a tight budget. On a third, and very distinguishing level as well, we operate as a factory that sells directly to businesses, schools, and medical facilities at near wholesale pricing. Jerry owns his own fleet of trucks, so any office furniture bought online can be shipped anywhere in the country more quickly than any third party freight company can deliver.

Perhaps the greatest competitive advantage Cubiture has, however, is its space planning design team.

The one drawback to buying office furniture online is the inability for the customer to actually see the actual sizes of the furnishings they buy. Jerry has solved this problem by hiring design specialists who can take a series of measurements and photographs and create drawings to scale of how the new furniture will look in the customer's office space.

While this is admittedly not as tactile as actually touching a desk or sitting in a chair, it is actually more visually accurate than looking at a particular piece in a showroom. Showrooms display such a wide variety of items, and many are often very crowded as well. It is hard for customers to pick out a cubicle or desk from such a collection and actually see how it will look in their office and how it will support their particular workflow needs.

Jerry's office space planning takes the guesswork out of shopping for office furniture online. It allows the customer to see any cubicles, reception center, executive desk, or conference room table in relationship to the surrounding environment. If the customer does not like a particular item's size or geometry, it can be easily swapped out with another piece that offers a better fit to both workflow and aesthetics. Custom workstations are also designed in this fashion. Jerry's expertise in square footage utilization enables him to transform even the smallest room in an office suite into a fully functioning work or storage area. No space is ever wasted in a lease furnished by Cubiture.

Begin your journey with Cubiture today by shopping for pictures of office furniture online. More than likely, whatever you choose will be from a manufacturer with whom Jerry has a relationship. Even in the event he does not, however, you can still have the Cubiture factory build a table, cubicle, or desking system identical to the one you have chosen. Contact our office with pictures and measurements of your office area, and our space planners will create your drawings free of charge and with no obligation to buy. Call or email Jerry now.

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