Welcome to the Cubiture Office Furniture Showroom

July 19, 2019

Located at 10704 Telge Rd, Houston, TX 77095 stands the Cubiture office furniture showroom. While so many of our sales are now generated online for customers in practically every state, Cubiture maintains this facility for several reasons that are key to superior customer experience. Customers in Houston can meet with a member of our design team face-to-face. They can also schedule an appointment with the President of the company himself, Jerry Mogyorody.

Jerry still takes a personal, hands-on approach to sales and enjoys working directly with customers. Additionally, the Cubiture showroom allows customers to try out different types of chairs, tables, desk systems, or conference tables. No matter how sophisticated the internet becomes, there is no equivalent to a hands-on, in-person experience with new office furniture. It’s much like test driving a car, and it helps many customers make a final determination of their choice between several options.

Jerry works very hard to stock his office furniture showroom with representative samples of the various type of furniture systems and cubicles he sells. Customers who visit the showroom will see desks, chairs, and cubicles made by world-famous, mainline office furniture manufacturers. They will also find many models made by lesser-known manufacturing companies that offer competitive pricing for customers who are working with a limited budget. Some of these lesser-known office furniture manufacturers offer exceptional quality and warranty terms—so please don’t assume that just because an item in the showroom is “off-brand” that it performs at a lower level than a well-known equivalent. The whole purpose of visiting the office furniture showroom is to let you try out different models and to ask detailed questions about material built, lifetime expectancy and warranty.

Due to new developments that are constantly emerging in our industry, Jerry frequently rotates various cubicle, desk, seating, and storage system models. This helps existing customers who return to us instantly see how furniture systems have changed since they last bought from us. We have plenty of floor space, so we can easily reconfigure various items to create a specific workflow solution of office seating arrangement. We also have fabric, laminate, and veneer samples available for customers who are seeking to upgrade their office cubicles. These samples allow customers to directly participate in the design process by choosing the look and feel that they want for their office.

Cubiture’s showroom is open during business hours Monday through Friday. While anyone is welcome to drop by, it is always better to email or call and schedule an appointment with Jerry or one of our design agents. These are the individuals who handle sales, but the first step is always developing a drawing that shows how a particular workstation will function in your new office environment. It is also a good idea to bookmark pictures that you like on your smartphone before you visit. In the event that we do not have what you are looking for, we can use these photos as a reference for an exhaustive online search or a turnkey design process. Contact us today.

Office Furniture Showroom – Free Quote – 713-412-0900

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