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August 21, 2019

Cubiture loves to sell wholesale office furniture because Cubiture knows just how important it is to have the right furnishings in the workplace that establish ambiance and focus production. Carefully chosen and configured workstations generate motivation and a goal-oriented mindset. Elements such as style, color, and material build work to physically embody the intangible elements of corporate brand and culture. Concept, vision, and mission statement all take form through professionally arranged groupings of desks, storage systems, partitioning, and ergonomic seating.

To offer both sophistication and functionality at wholesale pricing is perhaps the greatest contribution that Cubiture makes to customers throughout the Continental United States.

We offer wholesale office furniture pricing to organizations with large numbers of employees. These customers often have so many workers that they must furnish several floors of an office tower. While these companies admittedly have significant budgets, no company in the world has money to splurge in a wasteful fashion. Cubiture sells wholesale office furniture to those companies who are willing to invest in top-quality furnishings at a bulk-discounted, premium rate.

The advantage that Cubiture offers over other wholesale office furniture companies is simple. In addition to a vast supply chain of manufacturers, we also have our own in-house factory that allows us to create any piece of furniture one can imagine and sell it directly to a customer without a third-party retailer markup.

We can also approach wholesale pricing by sourcing furniture from select manufacturers whose brands may not be widely recognized but who have proven themselves to be creators of exceptional performance and style. Desks, cubicles, conference room tables, and ergonomic office chairs from these sources are often so low that even with Cubiture’s retail division the associated markup is negligible when compared to competing office furniture companies.

At the end of the day, what matters to Cubiture is finding the right sources for furniture or BEING the right source of furniture so that, either way, purchase remains well within budget tolerance for the customer.

While this may sound, at face value, as a lofty mission statement, it is, in reality, a much more concrete reality than many people realize. Cubiture is able to consistently deliver on its goal because of the way we advise customer purchasing. We are not the type of people who start reaching for catalogs when people come into our showroom to ask questions about our display furnishings. Rather, we are consultants who ask questions about workflow, and we are designers who turn the answers to those questions into drawings that visually depict the organization's workflow.

When people can actually see the process, they follow to make money, it becomes much easier for them to narrow down their choices to something they can actually use in their office. It is no longer a matter of finding something that looks like something they have seen in a picture. Yes, this can be done, but it should never be the highest priority of a truly conscious purchase.

What guides procurement so much more effective is to choose the styles and functions that support the completion of certain money-making tasks. With this guiding principle in mind, we have much more flexibility in recommending the right manufacturer (or manufacturing ourselves) to provide the customer with something he or she actually needs AND also ultimately feels good about buying.

This is what wholesale office furniture actually means to customers who choose Cubiture. It means an experience of performance and value that transcends the popular perception of wholesale furniture as something inherently “cheap.”

Jerry hates that word because it denies a proven truth about the wholesale office furniture industry. That truth is simple. You can have more quality for less cost if you plan your purchase wisely and think return before you invest. With professional space planning and experienced designers, you can count on a balance between cost and quality that represents a truly win-win outcome.

Call now and get started with a complimentary office layout design drawing of your new path to ever-increasing success.

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