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July 19, 2019

If you searched online for “office furniture manufacturers,” no doubt you are seeking a list of the top 10 or top 20 manufacturers in the industry. Cubiture can easily point you to the very best sources for reception centers, conference rooms, call centers, and ergonomic seating. More importantly, however, Cubiture can also function as your own personal office furniture manufacturer and scale your solution to a price that will fit your budget.

Here are a few things that make this possible and also make Cubiture a very unique company in the office furniture industry.

Most office furniture manufacturers will not sell to the general public.
Like most forms of manufacturing, the furniture business depends on factories to distribute its products wholesale to a network of retailers who invariably mark up their prices. This is because the typical factory is equipped primarily for production, not sales or customer service. Only the very large office furniture manufacturers have direct sales channels, and these are almost always reserved for very large, multi-site corporations who purchase furniture in bulk.

However, there are exceptions to this rule. Smaller factories like the one owned by Cubiture can offer direct sales to the public if they are supported by a sales team who is passionately committed to customer service. That is exactly how our manufacturing business has grown over the years. What began as a small cubicle repair show became a 25,000 square foot warehouse that transformed into a custom build factory as customer demand for specialty items grew alongside our business.

Today, Cubiture routinely manufactures custom cubicles, reception desks, and conference room furnishings and ships them all over the country with free delivery.

Where else can you find an office furniture manufacturer that can fill an entire office with custom furniture and deliver it for free to a small business 1,500 miles away?

Most office furniture manufacturers specialize only in certain items.
The largest and most well-known office furniture manufacturers have come close to household name status due to their reputations for specializing in certain things. Some are known for very sophisticated cubicle systems. Others are known for ergonomic seating, or elegant desk designs. While this is good from a quality assurance support, it is not always good for the customer seeking a turnkey solution from a single source. When looking to replace its entire suite of furniture, the average company typically must source from several different manufacturers in order to get everything they need for their team.

This is where Cubiture’s role as a space planner offers a clear advantage over other retail and online furniture sources. Our expertise in office layout design allows us to develop turnkey solutions sourced from multiple office furniture manufacturers. Because these professionals are highly experienced designers, they know how to make different pieces made by different factories work together as an integrated whole.

Cubiture has a reseller license in addition to its own factory, so customers have the luxury of simply ordering certain items through us or having us build similar items custom to their specifications.

Few office furniture manufacturers will affordably customize their solutions.
We know how scary the word “custom” can be to some people because they immediately assume that custom work carries an exorbitant price tag with it.
This is not so with Cubiture.

Jerry has tirelessly labored over the years to build a highly diversified supply chain. This supply chain, due to its vast size, allows us to source materials at the lower end, mid-range, and high-end price points. By carefully selecting materials that fit the customer’s budget, we can build any desk, table, or workstation to your unique requirements without stress or strain to your budget.

Call Jerry now and get started with free office layout design drawing.

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