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July 5, 2017

A solid frame is the foundation for solid workstation repair.

An unstable cubicle is not just a nuisance. In some cases, it can border on scary because it feels like it is going to collapse around you. Obviously, this has be be fixed before anything else can be done. Cubiture stabilizes workstation frames by replacing worn screws and bolts with new, sturdier fasteners. Any bent or damaged struts or legs are also replaced before we begin any repairs on work surfaces, storage systems, and panels.

Work surfaces are refinished with new laminates or new wood veneer.

Your work surface is basically your cubicle desk. The side that faces upward will need to be refinished with new materials in order to give you a smooth work area. If your cubicle desk has more than one section, it is important that these sections fit together at the same level. Otherwise, you have an uneven work area.

The edges of your desk are also repaired when cracked or chipped. While you may not notice the edge of your desk when you are seated, clients, guests,and investors will see it before they see anything else. It needs to look good in order to give a good impression to your visitors. We'll see to it that it does.

Workstation panels covered in fabrics are reupholstered.

Fabrics are not that expensive for us, so we can pass those savings on to you by giving you hundreds of textures and thousands of color options. We can bring sample squares to your office, or you can come by our showroom and browse through our selection.

Solid surface cubicle panels are re-purposed in our workstation repair facility.

Not all cubicle panels contain fabric. Some are made from a variety of laminates, while others are made with wood veneer. Workstation repair experts replace these surfaces with new materials that make the entire panel appear new. While some laminates and veneers cost more than others, we have so many that you can easily find something that you really like for a price you like as well.

New accessories can be added to customize your workstations to employee workflow and task completion.

Things like storage cubicles, tack boards, and document organizers can be fitted to your cubicle panels when we repair them. You don't have to know what all these accessories are, either. Just give your account manager a detailed description of what the employee does in his or her workstation, and we'll recommend a number of upgrades that will make it easier for that individual to stay seated and remain on task throughout the day.

The entire system is then secured with new slides and locks on drawers, storage bins, and filing cabinets.

Drawers that do not close all the way are never secure–even if you do change the locks. We make sure that bins and drawers shut flush with adjacent surfaces and remain flush with the new locks and keys we install.

Lighting is perhaps the most overlooked and underrated cubicle add-on. It makes a world of difference to an employee who is easily distracted.

Lighting can help focus a person's attention and help them concentrate for longer periods of time. Anytime we include task lighting in a cubicle repair project, we get multiple thank you's from customers who not only see the difference but also feel it as well.

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