What Makes Cubiture a Unique Office Furniture Retailer?

July 19, 2019

Cubiture is an office furniture retailer that offers more options, convenience, and service. Headquartered in Houston, Cubiture operates throughout the United States with its own factory and fleet of trucks. Our space planners now have the capability of remotely generating detailed office layout drawings which function as guidelines for office furniture procurement. We offer free installation and turnkey delivery anywhere in the lower 48 states, and we custom build as well as a custom order for businesses in every vertical market.

Ergonomics is very important to Cubiture. We are an office furniture retailer committed human health and wellness. Studies continue to show that worker productivity increases in direct proportion to the level of comfort employees feel when seated at their workstations. Our founder and CEO, Jerry Mogyorody, has taken these studies so seriously that he has developed ties with office chair manufacturers throughout the world. Jerry is a firm believer in providing our customers with affordable office chairs rated for an 8-hour workday. Chairs with this rating will fully support both the lower and upper back, making it possible for a person to remain seated for the entirety of his or her shift.

Jerry also began to promote sit-stand desks long before the general public heard about them on TV. He met a manufacturer of these unique workstations and extensively researched the benefits of a desk that allows the user to alternate between a seated and standing position. Jerry learned that these desks not only improved office morale, but that they had been proven to help with circulation and even weight loss in some users. The Cubiture showroom, located at 10704 Telge Rd, Houston, TX 77095, was one of the first office furniture retailers to offer sit-stand desks to the Houston marketplace. Since that time, most customers who bought one of these desks just to “try it out” have since returned to buy more of them for their staff.

Another thing that makes Cubiture unique is its dual function as both and office furniture retailer and an office furniture manufacturer. Jerry originally began his business with a large warehouse that refurbished used cubicles. However, local demand for custom conference room tables, wrap around desking systems, and custom reception desks prompted him to turn a portion of his warehouse into a fully functioning factory. As his supply chain grew, so too grew his capabilities to build any workstation with workflow support and customer budget foremost in mind. With so many materials now available to use in workstation and desk construction, Cubiture can design and build any item at a price point that any customer can afford.

We are also one of the few office furniture retailers that deliver nationwide using our own fleet of trucks. By eliminating third-party freight companies, we can offer our customers more reliable deliveries and turnkey installations of the furniture they purchase. Cubiture now promotes free delivery to all of its online customers, regardless of their location. We have done jobs for clients on the Eastern Seaboard, the Appalachian region of the American Southeast, and we have worked for customers as far to the west as Nevada, Arizona, and California. Distance is not a problem for Cubiture, and space planning is free regardless of the size or the location of your organization.

While many office furniture retailers charge more for this level of personal service, Cubiture charges less. Thanks to the efficiency of our supply chain, our emphasis on space planning, and our own service fleet, we can offer affordable, highly custom solutions at prices that many standard resellers are unable to match. Call Jerry now for a free office layout drawing and workflow solution quote. Contact us today.

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