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Liquidation Overstock Office Furniture
August 22, 2019

Right now, all over Houston, there are companies selling overstock office furniture. Some of these companies directly compete with Cubiture, while others are retailers who sell furniture in addition to other business supplies. Regardless, the driving force behind sales in both arenas is a surplus of chairs, desks, cubicles, or case goods that must be liquidated to avoid financial losses. Such a situation, when viewed at face value, appears to be a true buyers’ market. You may be tempted to ask yourself, “What could be better than a wide selection of furnishings at rock bottom prices?”

The short answer to this is that there is always something better. It’s not a question of that. Rather it is a question of awareness. What do you know with certainty you need to make your office more ergonomic, focused, and profitable? Do you know what you don’t need, and have you considered that somethings you may buy at a bargain today could quickly turn into clutter and mayhem by this time next year?

Cubiture can help you avoid the pitfalls of overspending on overstock office furniture that you don’t need. We take a space planning approach to all procurement, publishing a free office layout drawing with every quote. Before you buy any kind of furniture, used or new, you need one of these drawings. It will allow you to visualize each piece of furniture in your workplace, and it will show you the relationships between individual pieces that make the entire assembly function as a highly efficient production line.

Taking this step first allows you to quickly determine what you need and avoid the temptation of buying that bargain desk, reception center, conference table, or leather office chair that you don’t need. Once you have your needs established, it is a simple matter for Cubiture’s liquidation team to source overstock office furniture through our network of channels. You get the same bargain pricing you get in a warehouse liquidation or an office supply liquidation sale. What you don’t get is the buyer’s remorse that comes after over purchasing things that you realize after the fact you're never really needed.

Another advantage you get from buying overstock office furniture from Cubiture is free delivery and installation. We own our fleet of trucks, so we never have to hire moving companies to get your furniture from the point of sale to your office. You don’t have to worry about these things, either, when you work with Jerry Mogyorody. Jerry is an expert on square footage utilization, filing, and storage. He knows how to turn any office, large or small, into an efficiently organized array of workstations.

Not only will he help you plan and guide your procurement, he will finish the process by having his team of movers and installers configure your purchase at your location. Call now, and get started with a free office layout design drawing.

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