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July 19, 2019

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Few office furniture liquidators offer the truly win-win solutions that Cubiture provides. Most office furniture outlets will take used furniture on consignment or offer you a nominal amount of cash for furniture you know longer want. However, these organizations can only afford to pay pennies on the dollar in most instances. Due to the lower cost of used office furniture, the average office furniture liquidator is limited by extremely low-profit margins that offer you even less in return.

Cubiture’s office furniture liquidation program follows a different business model. Our goal is not to offer petty cash to any company that simply wants to get rid of an item or group of items. Rather, we focus more a creating long-term financial advantages for our customers by helping them strategically offload used furniture at key points during their business cycle. Most often, these key points occur every 5 years during tax season or when the organization moves from one building to another.

Most of our office furniture liquidation customers come to us when they are planning an office move. In fact, most new customers, in general, come to us at this time. An office move is so complex and stressful that most entities feel it better to simply start over in the new space with all new furniture systems and cubicles. This helps them establish a new look and feel that reflects the new beginning they anticipate with the move.

However, this leaves the tax of liquidating the used cubicles and furniture squarely on our shoulders. We have a specific process we follow that both protects our own warehouse space while offering the customer maximum return on their used office furniture. This return is most frequently generated by discounting the cost of the new furniture proportional to the value of the used furniture that we know we can quickly resell.

Because we have to protect our own storage space, we cannot offload every used piece of furniture into our warehouse and wait for someone to buy it. Instead, we actively engage customers who are currently seeking used cubicles, chairs, desks, and tables and sell those items that customers are looking to buy now. The remainder we typically take to recycling so that the customer can either earn a tax write off points for recycling, or both.

There are also instances where companies downsize and look to sell office furniture that a reduced workforce no longer needs. In these instances, we will sit down with the leaders of the business and compare the value of a tax write off to the value of a cash sale to a used office furniture store. In more cases than not, the value of recycling furniture through an office furniture liquidator is higher than the cash offered by many used furniture stores.

This is not to say that we never simply buy used furniture from a company looking to make a change. We are always open to generating a win-win situation for anyone seeking to do business with us. However, because we put customer service first at Cubiture, we are very careful about how we liquidate office furniture and prefer to consult with the leadership team of business before we offer any specific recommendation.

Office furniture liquidation is not always about making money back on old furniture. Sometimes it offers a tax advantage, while at others it may prove to be the tipping point that discounts otherwise expensive new office furniture to a lower, more affordable price. Anyone seeking a fair and truly beneficial solution to the problem of office furniture liquidation really should take the time to have a personal conversation with Jerry to determine what the best course of action truly is. He will be happy to discuss this with you, so call now.

Office Furniture Liquidators – Free Layout Design – 713-412-0900


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