Sneeze Guard For A Reception Desk – FAQ

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May 21, 2020

We recommend that you do.  Even if you do not have very many clients visiting your office, you will invariably have salespeople, building management, personal family members, and cleaning staff walking into your foyer.  While we do not want to assume that any person entering your office is infected with COVID-19, the fact of the matter is that this virus can easily travel on clothing, laptop bags, or any personal belongings that a visitor carries into your facility.  You have an ethical responsibility to protect your reception staff from possible contagion by proactively shielding her or him from this possibility.

Cubiture offers trifold sneeze guards for reception desks that are easy to install, easy to clean, and aesthetically complement a variety of reception desk styles. 

What type of sneeze guard do you recommend for our reception desk?
Your best option would be one with a tri-fold design.  This will not only shield the front of the reception desk, but it will also offer significant shielding on the sides.  You have a choice between screens with an 8 ¼” w x 13 ¾” h transaction window at the bottom or screens with no transaction window.  Some businesses use this for the transfer of payments, smaller packages, office supplies, or paperwork. 

If your desk seats more than one receptionist, no worries.  Just send us pictures and measurements of your reception center.  Our space planners will draft a free drawing of the proposed units and configuration.  This will include dimensions of the screens and show their relative position to your reception staff.  

What sizes are available?
The most popular size for reception desks measures 3’H X 2’ 2 ¾” W.  The non-window model features variable adjustment with foot hardware measuring 1 ¼” – 2 ½”  or 4 ½” gap at the base.  The window model does not allow for variable adjustment.  The total length of the unit, if straightened from end to end, measures 6’ 8”. 

The tri[panel, the hinged design allows the screen to collapse into a 3” stack that can be easily transported or stored.he shield can fully collapse into a neat stack that measures no more than three inches thick.  

Does the sneeze guard for our reception desk require special cleaning supplies or procedures?
No.  Any type of common disinfectant, such as bleach or disinfectant wipes, are good to use on your desk screen.  You can even use warm water and mild soap to clean the surface area.  In a high traffic environment, we recommend you wipe down the surface several times a day.  Be sure to wear disposable latex gloves when cleaning the screen, especially on the outside portion that faces visitors to your office.  

Do we need to self install the sneeze guard on our reception desk?
You can, but we will be happy to install it for you as part of your investment in health and safety.  We own our own vehicles and provide turnkey installations with free shipping.  We will also go over cleaning procedures before you leave.  Call us now for a free drawing and turnkey installation quote.  Contact us today.

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