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How to Select The Best Cough Shield For Office Workers

July 3, 2020 0 Comments
Cheap Commercial How To Select The Best Cough Shield

Choose a cough shield that is easy to clean. Because cough shields play a vital role in health and safety, it is a good idea to keep them clean at all times.  This is easier with some surfaces than others.  Many types of acrylic and plexiglass cannot be cleaned with ammonia-based window cleaners.  COVID shields […]

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What are the Best Sneeze Guards for Desks?

June 2, 2020 0 Comments
Sneeze Guards For Desks For Sale

We recommend that you invest in custom sneeze guards for desks.  While there are many different sneeze guards on the market today, most feature dimensions that do not symmetrically fit the typical workstation.  Others have features that office workers typically do not need–such as transaction windows–and offer only limited protection.  For example, standard countertop screens, […]

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Sneeze Guard For A Reception Desk – FAQ

May 21, 2020 0 Comments
Discount Sneeze Guard For A Reception Desks For Sal;e Factory Direct Prices With FREE Shipping

We recommend that you do.  Even if you do not have very many clients visiting your office, you will invariably have salespeople, building management, personal family members, and cleaning staff walking into your foyer.  While we do not want to assume that any person entering your office is infected with COVID-19, the fact of the […]

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Benefits Of A Sneeze Guard Shield

May 20, 2020 0 Comments
Benefits Of A Sneeze Guard Shield

As we try to find a sense of normalcy in our daily lives amid COVID-19, the sneeze guard shield may have never seemed as important as it does today.  As urgent as social distancing remains, businesses relying on point of sale transactions face a serious challenge.  Ignoring distancing protocols runs the risk of contagion if […]

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COVID-19 Sneeze Guards for Better Safety and Health

May 19, 2020 0 Comments
Discount Commercial COVID-19 Sneeze Guards For Sale Factory Direct With FREE Shipping

COVID-19 sneeze guards help many businesses to welcome their customers back to a world ready to emerge from shut down.  As everyone looks forward to a new beginning with cautious optimism, Cubiture stands ready to equip these newly reopened work environments with countertop screens designed to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus in transactional […]

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