Sneeze Guard Panels For Sit Stand Desks

Discount Sneeze Guard Panels For Sit Stand Desks For Sale
June 2, 2020

Sit-stand desks require uniquely sized and fitted sneeze guard panels. Because many office workers like to set their desks at the lowest elevation when sitting, COVID containment panels need to measure 36 inches high to provide full protection of the worker’s face.  We factored this into the design of these panels early on, being conscious of the total space between the floor and the top of the glass panel.  The resulting Clear Panel Containment System (CPCS), now on its sixth version, is one of a kind and available only through Cubiture.

When the desk is raised to a normal height, the glass may appear to be a little taller than it needs to be.  However, if the person sitting at his or her desk has to stand for any reason, the extra foot of height still shields the individual from airborne pathogens that could be transmitted by someone standing in front of him or her.  At the same time, individuals who prefer to position a sit-stand desk at the lowest elevation will still have their faces covered by the extra height.  From a design perspective, the larger sneeze guard panels also enhance the unique designs featured in many of today’s sit-stand workstations.  

These sneeze guard panels consist of two glass panes fixed together into an L-Shape with a powerful industrial adhesive.  The entire assembly balances on the surface of the desk, secured by an industrial compound.  It requires no mounting hardware or screws to rest in place.  This is another design feature that we worked very hard to develop.  Due to the highly eclectic design of so many sit-stand desks on the market today, we simply did not have the heart to sell sneeze guard panels that would leave holes in the surface.  

The tempered glass measures ¼ inches in thickness, which is considerably thicker than most plexiglass and virtually any acrylic sneeze guard panels on the market.  In addition to the glass thickness, the tempering makes these panels similar in constitution to car windows and windshields that are designed to disintegrate upon impact.  This “beading” effect, should the glass break, prevents sharp fragments from flying through the air.  While it is very hard to break a panel of this size, accidents can happen in the workplace, so this safety feature was added to the latest CPCS version so that clients have the very best possible protection in all respects.

Cubiture offers a framed glass and a non-framed glass option for sit-stand desks. It all depends on what looks best for a particular office environment.  Our designers will make recommendations, but the choice is ultimately up to the client.  Some feel the frame is an added aesthetic that completes the CPCS with a touch of elegance.  Others in less formal environments prefer unframed glass because it contributes to a “less is more” effect to the office interior design.  

Cubiture is more than just an office furniture showroom.  We are a fully operational office furniture manufacturer that offers free shipping throughout the United States.  Our sneeze guard panels are now on their 6th generation, offering the combined advantages of previous models and featuring an elegance that blends seamlessly into any formal, traditional, or contemporary office designCall now for a quote and a complimentary office design layout drawing.  

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