How to Select The Best Cough Shield For Office Workers

Cheap Commercial How To Select The Best Cough Shield
July 3, 2020

Choose a cough shield that is easy to clean.
Because cough shields play a vital role in health and safety, it is a good idea to keep them clean at all times.  This is easier with some surfaces than others.  Many types of acrylic and plexiglass cannot be cleaned with ammonia-based window cleaners.  COVID shields made from these materials would require you to use special cleaners to wipe them down-otherwise the surface can be marred.  This means that when you get busy you may put off cleaning your sneeze guards, or you may have to wait until you can get the right supplies to wipe them down.

We make our cough shields from tempered glass for this very reason.  Anything you clean your windows or counters with will work on our COVID desk shields. You can pick them up at any convenience store or dollar store, and you probably already have these cleaners in your office.

Choose a configuration that matches your work area.
A lot of the plexiglass and acrylic cough shields that you find online are awkwardly designed.  Some are fitted together with hinged panels so that you sit within an enclosure that protects you from people who might approach your work area from the side.  This is all well and good, but some of these panels do not cover the entirety of the work area.  There are still areas where employees could be exposed to contagions.  

Our Clear Panel Containment System (CPSS) is custom designed to match the work area where it is installed.  For sit-stand desks, we can build cough shields with 3 sides.  For L-shaped desks, we will build a 2-sided system in an L-shape.  The length and width of the CPCS correspond the measurements of your workstations so that you are completely protected from any possible contagions carried by someone who might approach your station.  

Choose something that will not disfigure your desks.
Too many cough shields on the market require mounting to the desk with brackets and screws.  This will leave permanent holes in any table or desk that will destroy the resale value of any furniture that you may want to sell used in the future.  

Cubiture cough panels are built to rest on the desk under their own weight.  The tempered glass panels we use to construct them measure `¼ inches thick and rest solidly on any surface.  They are heavy enough to remain in place- even if someone bumps into them inadvertently–but they are also light enough for anyone in the office to pick up and move if necessary.  

Choose something that is cosmetic.
Our cough shields are assembled with an industrial bonding agent that seals the individual panels together into a unified assembly.  To a casual eye, the CPCS looks like a single piece of glass with clean right angles.  This aesthetic blends with both traditional and more contemporary office designs.  Not only does the CPCS offer protection, but its symmetry and crystal clear transparency make it look like part of the design.  

Choose something that is difficult to break. 
Tempered glass is very hard to crack or break.  If it is someone broken, it is designed to shatter into small beads that minimize the risk of any cuts or scratches.  We doubt this will happen, but we built this added feature into our cough shields because, after all, the whole purpose of the CPCS is health AND safety.  Give us a call today for configuration options, pricing, and free shipping.  

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