Corona-Virus Shields Made From Tempered Glass

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June 11, 2020

Almost overnight, corona shields became some of the most sought after products in the marketplace. Even before our recent quarantine period ended, businesses, schools, healthcare facilities, retail centers, and government offices began to look for clear panels that would protect individuals from contagions carried through coughing and sneezing.  Cubiture received an influx of calls from a variety of establishments asking us what type of panels we carried that could be positioned on desks, tables, and transaction counters.  We immediately began working with a variety of designs to fit the needs of different markets, developing six new generations of products in just under 40 days.  Our current generation- version 6.0-represents the latest and most sophisticated corona shield design.

Perhaps the most striking feature of our corona shields is the ¼ inch tempered glass construction.  Almost all COVID sneeze panels on the market are much thinner than our glass panels.  While the thickness of the glass does not play a role in protection against contagion, it does offer a couple of advantages over thinner acrylic and plexiglass panels.  For one thing, tempered glass weighs more than thinner materials.  Our COVID shield assemblies, made in either an L-shape or a tri-panel design, rest securely on their weight on top of a desk or worktable.  Thinner panels have to be bolted to the work surface. While this might not be a concern right now due to more pressing concerns of health and safety, the day will come, after this crisis has passed, when the resale value of used office furniture will again be a priority.  To destroy this value now when it is so easy to prevent defacing a work surface is a needless waste of resources.    

Tempered glass corona shields are also safer than panels made from inferior grade glass.  The thickness and the constitution of tempered glass make it very difficult to break.  Just like a car windshield or window, the glass is more likely to crack than break outright when accidentally impacted.  In an instance where the assembly was impacted with enough force to break the glass, it is designed to disintegrate into small beads that fall directly to the floor.  Other forms of glass, and even some kinds of plastics, tend to break into large, sharp pieces that can easily cut someone.  

Another advantage our corona shields offer is portability.  Because they do not bolt to the surface of the desk, these panels can be moved to other comparable workstations if the need arises to reconfigure existing office furniture.  Most people right now are not thinking of things like office furniture reconfiguration or new office space planning.  Their primary concern is to get back to work with minimal risk of COVID-19 spreading through their staff.  However, as we all begin the gradual return to the office, companies will begin to grow again.  New staff –and new office furniture — may be needed sooner than many business owners think.  Our corona shields can easily be lifted and moved because the panels are sealed together with a powerful industrial bonding agent that fuses them together. 

Cubiture offers both framed glass and frameless glass corona shields in order to aesthetically complement all styles of office interior design.  Our space planners offer free drawings that will show potential customers what their offices will look like with our COVID sneeze panels positioned at reception stations, open concept worktables, sit-stand desks, and transaction counters.  Contact us today for a free office design layout drawing, and get back to work with peace of mind and confidence that this crisis will eventually pass.

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