Does Cubiture Carry Sneeze Panels for L-Shaped Desks?

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June 2, 2020

Not only do we carry sneeze panels, we actually manufacture them. We have been in business for over three decades, operating not only as a furniture design center and retail showroom but also as an office furniture manufacturer.  We specialize in cubicles and desking systems built to maximize ergonomics and workflow efficiency.  One of our more popular desk designs–both on the retail level and the custom-build level–is the L-shaped desk design.  This type of desk is an ideal choice for a variety of work environments. Cubiture sneeze panels are designed to protect workers seated at L-Shaped desks from pathogens that might be transmitted by visitors, staff, or coworkers in the office.

We call this product the Clear Panel Containment System (CPCS) because it literally contains the employee behind two glass panels sized that completely wrap around the front and the side of an L-Shaped desk.  We are now on our sixth version of this product.  The first CPCS system was made from acrylic, but we quickly moved to a framed glass version that was more attractive, more durable, and easier to clean.  With rising demand to adapt this product to every workstation in the office, we developed a final design consisting of tempered glass with a polished edge that rests on the top of the desk with no need for special mounting equipment, brackets, or screws.  

The CSPS  assembly is firmly held together by a powerful industrial adhesive that permanently bonds the sneeze panels together. This allows the assembly to be lifted from the desk for cleaning, office furniture reconfiguration, or if the desk is sold or liquidated.  Having sold and manufactured furniture for over 30 years, Cubiture is very mindful of preserving the integrity of the desk surface.  Because L-shaped desks are some of the most popular used furniture pieces on the market, we strongly discourage businesses from using sneeze panels that require them to put holes in the desk surface.  

Because our Clear Panel Containment Systems are made with high-quality glass, they contribute a much more refined aesthetic that blends very well with the L-Shaped design.  Because the glass is symmetrically fitted to match the dimensions of the desk, the glass panels almost look like part of the desk itself.  This makes space planning much easier in smaller offices because we do not have to worry about how the presence of sneeze panels may affect a particular furniture layout design.  The CPCS presents a chic facade from any angle which is easy to clean with any standard glass cleaner.  

Our sneeze panels also dual function as writing surfaces.  Due to the constitution of the tempered glass, employees can use a dry erase marker to write notes on the sides of the panels.  The ink wipes off the surface of the glass just like a whiteboard, leaving no trace behind.  This is a great tool for putting reminders and key information in a place where it is virtually impossible to forget.

With our history of space planning and turnkey installation, Cuibiture continues to improve the customer experience even more with sneeze panels designed to create the safest possible workstation without diminishing office aesthetics and without damage to existing L-shaped desking systems.  Call Cubiture today, and schedule a free office design layout drawing that will detail how our CPCS can get your office up and running again. 

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