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July 1, 2020

According to the American Lung Association, sneezes and coughs are your body’s way of discharging irritants found in the nose and lungs. In effect, people have a high-speed face cannon capable of discharging all sorts of bugs and germs. Regrettably, getting rid of irritants in such a severe method means dispersing germs in a large spray of saliva, mucus, and germs. A cough can travel as fast as 50 mph and expel almost 3,000 droplets in just one go. Sneezes are even more powerful —they can travel up to 100 mph and create upwards of 100,000 droplets.

Public health specialists and elected officials have insisted again and again that social distancing is the best means we have to slow the COVID-19 outbreak. However, many companies are unable to adequately manage to keep people six feet or more apart, directly due to the nature of their business. Examine the interplays between a teller and a bank client, workers in side-by-side open office cubicles, or assembly-line operators standing shoulder to shoulder in food processing plants. In those circumstances, and many more, safe social distancing cannot be obtained and a glass sneeze guard may help curb the spread of pathogens.

Restaurants first placed cough and sneeze panels around the “all you can eat” buffets and supper-club salad bars of the 1950s to block guests from infecting food. Today, tempered glass cough and sneeze panels are being mounted in all types of settings, from supermarket stores to post offices, as a barrier against the extremely contagious coronavirus (COVID-19).

Glass sneeze guards are not medical devices, but they have PPE qualities adding to transmission reduction— even if a client and employee aren’t wearing masks. In addition, glass shields present consumers with an extra measure of safety as they tentatively re-enter the so-called new normal of everyday life. Installing tempered glass shields confirms a company’s commitment to the health of its team, which helps to retain workers. Glass panels may also serve as a visual reminder to use good hygiene to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Like N95 masks and disposable gloves, sneeze guards have become another new icon of the present pandemic.

Sneeze guards work best when they are used alongside other proven methods including enhanced cleaning and hygiene practices, PPE, social distancing measures, and drastic changes in how services are offered, especially in the hard-hit retail and hospitality industries.

Many cough shields on the market want you to attach them to your work area with some kind of mounting bracket.  This means placing screws in the wood which will leave permanent holes in the wood. Cubiture does not want you to have to do this. We have many clients who start new businesses by buying used office furniture systems that fit their budgets.  Furniture with holes in the desktop has a big decrease in value.  The cost of refurbishing damaged office furniture will cancel any trade-in or resale value.  

Cubiture's cough shields do not require mounting brackets.  Our design and assembly allow the sneeze guard to rest securely on the work surface on its own weight.  The right angles of its design secure its position.  You can transport the sneeze guard at any time from one area to another, or you can either store it or call us for recycling once the COVID-19 crisis has passed.  Call us now to place your order and get back to work with certainty that you are doing all you can to move forward with the most reliable safeguards for your business.

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