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June 2, 2020

As the recent shutdown began to come to an end, Cubiture received an influx of calls from concerned individuals in the business community.  While the economic impact of the stay-at-home order had been economically catastrophic, many businesses were deeply concerned about what was going to happen to their workers once people began the return to office space and public space at large.  Companies who found us online learned that one of our specialties is cubicle systems and partitions.  They called in wanting to know if we could sell them glass sneeze partitions for their reception centers and workspaces.  Due to the enormous volume of calls, we received Cubiture designers immediately got to work developing a Clear Panel Containment System that would meet this demand.

This CPCS, as we abbreviate the system, is designed to protect administrative staff from airborne pathogens that could inadvertently travel into the office with visitors, building staff, or even coworkers.  The most common configuration features two glass sneeze guard partitions in L-Shaped assembly that measures 72” wide and 7’ long.   The glass we use is tempered glass because tempered glass is very hard to scratch or crack.  It takes a lot of impact to break it, and if it does break, it disintegrates into small glass beads that fall straight to the floor much like a car window or windshield breaks on impact.  

The sneeze guard partitions measure 24 inches in height-which provides good full coverage of a seated receptionist’s face and upper body.  If a particular reception center needed more protection than this, we could go as high as 30 inches without balancing the aesthetic of the desk.  The CPCS also features at least one side panel, depending on the configuration of the reception area.  Additionally, the system is all glass and does not require special mounting hardware to affix to desk surfaces.  We can permanently mount sneeze guard partitions to a desk surface with industrial adhesives, or we can design the panels to be removable for cleaning or storage.  

As a design center as well as an office furniture manufacturer, we avoid drilling holes in desks so that the integrity of existing furnishings can be preserved through the duration of this crisis. Many models that we have installed in medical offices, accounting firms, law firms, and local businesses feature a portable design that allows the sneeze guard partitions to be removed from the work surface once we have an effective vaccine or treatment for COVID-19.  Our latest version of the CPCS is designed with future storage in mind so it can be taken down from workstations after the current crisis passes and reinstalled should anything like this happen again in the future.  

Cubiture sneeze guard partitions come with a one-year warranty on workmanship.  We also offer a variety of customization options for the reception desk sneeze guard partitions.  We can cut the glass to install a voice box through which visitors and reception staff can safely speak to one another.  We can also install a transaction window or mail slot at the bottom of the glass.  It really depends upon what the individual processes of a particular reception center.  Our policy has always been to build furniture that supports profitability and ergonomics, so the best resource to go to is our space planning team that handles all of these application-based configurations.  Call Cubiture now, and send us pictures of your reception desk so our space planners can send you a complimentary rendering of your customized sneeze guard partitions.   

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