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June 2, 2020

We had an influx of client inquiries after the recent shutdown ended.  Businesses from all over the country were eager to get back up and running, but they were concerned about the risk of COVID-19 transmission.  They called us wanting to know if we had some kind of sneeze guard that could be installed in a workspace that would protect the individual working there from airborne pathogens that might be transmitted by visitors, building staff, or even coworkers. 

Those with open plan offices had particular concerns about the risk of transmission due to the fact that employees were working in close proximity to one another without any barriers between them. Even with standard social distancing, the risk was still too high for many to take.  

We got right to work on developing sneeze guards for open plan environments. The protection panels that we saw going up at POS stations in retail markets were simply not going to cut it for office environments.  Workers have to be protected on either side, as well as from the front when sitting at their workstation.  We went through several versions of an early design-starting with acrylic, then moving to a framed plexiglass, and finally launching our newest version which is made from frameless, tempered glass with safe, rounded edges.  We developed this new design, which we call the Clear Panel Containment System (CPCS) to fit any desk or work table regardless of size or office layout design. 

The CPCS comes in two standard sizes: 24 inches and 36 inches.  The size of the sneeze guard depends on the application.  In some environments, a 24-inch height offers plenty of protection for workers seated at long tables and for the receptionist at the front desk.  However, if clients are more comfortable with taller panels, we can just as easily install systems measuring 36 inches in height. For sit-stand desks, we recommend the 36 inch panels because some employees like to work with the desk in the lowest position, and 24 inches is a little too low to be effective. 

Our sneeze guard design is so simple it can be adapted to any L-shaped desk, cubicle, reception center, or work table surface.  The key to its adaptability is its simple design.  It consists of 3 panels fixed together by a powerful industrial adhesive.  This allows the CPCS to rest squarely on the top of any work surface without the need for any mounting hardware.  We build our systems this way in order to preserve the aesthetic of the desk. Even if the client never sells the desk, we do everything we can to avoid anything that would mar the wood to the point that it loses its value.  

The lack of permanent mounts offers another specific advantage to open-plan offices.  The fluid nature of open plan design allows businesses to quickly reconfigure their workstations when they begin to grow.  This is one reason why so many startups choose this design over more formal office layouts.  Cubiture sneeze guard panels are ideal for such settings because they can be moved to another workstation more quickly than many pieces of office art!

Call Cubiture now to make your open plan office safer, healthier, and more aesthetic than ever before.

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