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June 10, 2020

America faces a complex challenge. On the one hand, we have to take the threat of COVID-19 seriously, as the virus has not gone anywhere.  On the other hand, however, we as a people feel we must get back to work and maintain our economy in the safest way possible.  Social distancing and wearing masks are still a must for persons moving out in public space.  But what about people returning to the office?  How can one maintain social distance at all times when working side-by-side with others, and how can one minimize the threat of contagion in an enclosed environment?  We received dozens of calls a day along these lines as talk of reopening our economy began, and these calls became the impetus for the development of our custom coronavirus desk shields manufactured from tempered glass.

Admittedly, there were other companies out there that also developed some kind of sneeze panel to protect individuals from customers standing in front of a counter or at the front of their desk.  However, there were a number of deficiencies that were readily apparent in a lot of these products.  Perhaps the biggest deficiency was the single-panel design that only protected the worker from possible contagions carried by a person standing directly in front of him or her.  Similar sneeze guards with a tri-fold design offered protection from the sides, but most of these coronavirus desk shields had to be permanently bolted to the work surface.  This destroys the resale value of any work table or desk and is needless defacing of office furniture when one considers that a better, more conscious design can do the job equally well.

Cubiture has a long history of custom furniture design and manufacturing.  Our specialists got to work immediately when demand for coronavirus desk shields first began to rise.  The first order of business was to look for an improved design that would both protect the worker and the workspace itself.  Cubiture designers carefully analyzed the market, studying competing coronavirus desk shields and looking for issues that needed correction.  They noticed a number of issues during the course of this research  and developed immediate improvements for our own custom COVID-19 sneeze guard shields.  A few notable points follow:

  1. Many coronavirus desk shields are not consciously sized.  Manufacturers offer a variety of shield heights based upon standard measurements and the assumed position of persons interacting in the work environment.

    Cubiture designers, however, size our coronavirus desk shields according to the types of workstations to which they are fitted.  For example, our sit-stand desk sneeze guards measure 36” high.  This is because many sit-stand desk users like to position their desks at the lowest possible height.  The extra foot of height keeps the worker shielded even if a person is standing directly in front of his or her desk.
  2. Many coronavirus desk shields are made from plexiglass or acrylic to prevent accidental breakage.  While this represents an added safety measure that we can all appreciate, there is a needless diminishment of aesthetics when working with these materials.  Glass is much more attractive, offers greater visibility, and is very easy to clean.

    Cubiture designers incorporated safety into the design of our coronavirus desk shields by manufacturing them from ¼ inch tempered glass.  This thickness makes the glass very hard to break, but if breakage occurs, the glass shatters into small, harmless beads just like the window or windshield of a car shatters.
  3. As mentioned previously, tri-fold sneeze guards are available from a number of sources.  However, these panels do offer a perfect fit for the work surface a particular employee might be using.  What if he or she shares a worktable with other employees in an open office design? What if he or she sits at a custom reception desk located just inside the front door?  In addition to marring the desk surface, how can standard-sized tri-fold coronavirus desk shields offer protection for anyone particular desk area?

    The short version is, they can’t.  That’s why Cubiture designers came up with the idea of fixing together two or three free-standing panels together with a powerful industrial adhesive.  The symmetrical right angle(s), combined with the weight of the coronavirus desk shield, balances the entire assembly along the front and side(s) of the worker’s desk.  We can cut the glass to fit the exact work area on any table, reception center, L-shaped desk, or sit-stand desk.

Cubiture does not know when the COVID-19 crisis will pass, but we do know that someday it will pass.  When that day comes, we have designed our coronavirus desk shields to be easily removed from their respective work surfaces and either placed in storage or recycled.  We want to preserve the aesthetic and the value of each piece of furniture upon which our product rests, and we want workers to look forward to the day when we can all take a deep breath of truly fresh and clean air once a treatment and/or a vaccine is fully in play.

In the meantime, we can get back to work and still breathe a little easier–and with more peace of mind than before–with Cubiture custom glass coronavirus desk shields.  Call today for a free space plan drawing that shows how our glass sneeze guard panels can protect–and even beautify–your office environment.  

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