Creating Non-Toxic Eco-Friendly Workspaces Using Glass

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October 20, 2021

The moving glass wall system has become a fundamental component of modern office designs. With their economical, versatile, and eco-friendly importance, you can easily have them customized and installed into your workplace. Let Cubiture show you how!

Whether your company requires closed office workspaces, collaborative designs, or a hybrid open space, a glass wall lets you elevate the look and feel of where employees spend the bulk of their workday. As a result, boost productivity while maintaining a non-toxic, eco-friendly environment.

COVID-19 Drives Trends

Typically, workspace dynamics change every couple of years. And, some become highly effective and sought-after trends, while others not so much. Options for glass wall systems include moving, folding, and ergonomic office furniture solutions. And each one can offer robust solutions to keep your employees safe.

Nothing more than the recent COVID-19 has brought healthy work environments to the top of the list. This pandemic has changed how everyone looks at workspaces. Cubiture can help you find creative ways to keep your employees and customers healthy.

Let's explore how investing in glass office furniture and wall systems can enable a healthy and productive environment.

Integrate Interior and Exterior Space

If you want a seamless flow between exterior and interior areas of your office, you may want to start with a moving glass wall system. Both indoor and outdoor social areas instantly become more attractive to employees who sit in their cubicles for most of their day.

By installing a moving glass wall system, you can quickly adapt workspaces without adding to capital costs. For example, the cafeteria and boardroom quickly provide fresh air and natural sunlight.

Optimize Natural Elements

Generally, you can open a door or window to allow fresh air to flow inside the office. Knowing this, you might think that glass office furniture is not worth the time or investment.

On the contrary, exterior glass walls offer better:

  • Weather performance
  • Flexibility
  • Durability

That is to say, with little effort, you can:

  • Optimize natural outdoor elements
  • Promote social distancing
  • Bring more daylight inside

Most systems even come with thermal and weather performance attributes that bring interior workspace comfort year-round. At Cubiture, we will help you with safety solutions long after the pandemic ends.

Upgrade Your Workspace

One great solution to upgrading your office space is using a folding glass wall, as this is a durable, high-performance option that replaces entryways and walls. Additionally, a folding glass wall can transform a room for various uses.

If you have a small workspace, this wall system can bring natural light and give the office a more open feel. Replacing cubicle walls with folding ones is another way to upgrade your office. For the same level of durability and security as traditional walls, you no longer sacrifice aesthetics.

You can customize this system using the right color and size to match your office's décor. Let one of our experts help you compare the benefits of adding a folding glass wall system to your workspace.

Importance of Quality Solutions

There are many types of ergonomic office furniture solutions for you to customize according to specific capabilities and goals. Because of this, there is no reason that you cannot improve the health and comfort of employees while also maintaining style and functionality.

Some quality ergonomic furniture includes:

  • Sit/stand desks
  • Monitor arms
  • Adjustable docking stations for laptops
  • Standing desk converters
  • Footrests
  • Anti-fatigue mats

We know how to help with outfitting workstations to add simple comfort for employees. And, we can ensure ergonomic office furniture solutions come with adjustable features workers must share workspaces across different shifts.

Reasons for an Eco-Friendly Workspace

The decision to have an eco-friendly workspace might be one of the most thoughtful decisions you can make for your company. For example, even the slightest changes toward a greener office can reduce your company's impact on the environment.

Consider that an eco-friendly office can:

  • Contribute to saving the planet
  • Increase loyalty among customers with similar goals
  • Retain a sustainability-conscious staff
  • Save on energy bills
  • Benefit from a tax credit

Holistically, you can make improvements that promote:

  • A fresh environment
  • Clean office
  • Healthy habits

Also, switching to a green office provides economic benefits to your company. While some upfront investments might seem like a hefty price tag, your company can expect to reap long-term gains.

We can help you plan and implement an eco-friendly office that delivers:

  • Utility bill savings
  • An annual tax credit

Additionally, your employees can also benefit in many ways.

  • Bright and airy interiors can improve their health and wellness.
  • Taking advantage of glass office furniture maximizes your ROI.

For instance, matching the right system with a specific office design provides your employees:

  • Freedom to change their workspace layout as needed.
  • Acoustical privacy.
  • Distraction-free workstations.

Likewise, being an environmentally responsible company means your employees become more engaged. And the relationship between employee satisfaction and how they perceive their work environment is undeniable.

So, commit to a sustainable workspace by giving employees eco-friendly solutions. Make the call today to our office to begin building an environmentally conscious and socially responsible company.

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Significantly, as more offices reopen to fully staffed workspaces, employee wellbeing and a heightened need for a safe environment will redefine how offices function. Keep your company ahead of these changes with an ergonomically sound, durable moving glass wall system.

Lastly, many ways exist to have a more sustainable workspace. For example, incorporating elements of the outdoors into interior designs can help to improve overall employee productivity. In addition, from the smallest to the largest concept, your office can become a more welcoming energy-efficient environment.

Schedule your discovery call with Cubiture today. We will cover all of the glass office furniture options available to your company during an initial consultation.

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Creating Non-Toxic Eco-Friendly Workspaces Using Glass
The moving glass wall system has become a fundamental component of modern office designs. Along with their economical, versatile, and eco-friendly importance, you can easily have them customized and installed into your workplace. Let Cubiture show you how.

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