How Cubiture’s Used Office Furniture Liquidators Can Help You Profit During a Downturn

Office Furniture Liquidators Services In Katy, Galveston, The Woodlands & Bay City Texas
August 15, 2017
Office Furniture Liquidators Services In Katy, Galveston, The Woodlands & Bay City Texas

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Cubiture's used office furniture liquidators have helped hundreds of Houston companies recover losses associated with downsizing.
The recent economic downturn in the oil and gas industry forced thousands of Houston area businesses to downsize their workforce. Many of these companies also relocated their remaining workforce to smaller, more affordable office space in an attempt to reduce overhead. Cubiture was there for these companies during this time. We were able to party offset their losses by reducing the tax burden associated with surplus inventory. In some cases, we also helped our customers obtain additional tax credit through charitable donations.

Almost every one of these customers had vacant workstations that needed to be removed prior to their move.
When employees were laid off, they left behind empty desks, office cubicles, and office chairs. These items needed to be removed in order reduce the overall cost of the move. Cubiture was able to deliver a turnkey solution to these companies. Using our 25,000 square foot warehouse as a temporary storage facility, our used office furniture liquidators immediately removed all unwanted furnishings prior to moving the remainder of the office to the new location. Our moving team was then able to move and reconfigure the remaining furniture in the new space in a shorter amount of time that resulted in much lower labor rates for our customers.

Customers who contacted us long before they moved saved the most money, and, in some cases, made money.
A few of the businesses we helped had the foresight to contact our team as soon as they began to downsize. While practically every one of them was still bound by a commercial lease, they knew they would eventually have to move eventually. Knowing that empty desks and chairs represented a higher tax burden, they immediately contacted our used office furniture liquidation division to and had all unused items moved into storage in our warehouse. Our space planners then reconfigured their workstations so the remaining employees could efficiently streamline their production during the hard times that followed.

Temporary warehousing gave these companies more options for used office furniture liquidation.
Some companies actually made money from their liquidation when we found other businesses that were willing to buy the used items “as-is.” The profits made from these sales were shared with the companies who originally liquidated the items. Others earned tax credit when we donated their furniture non-profits and educational institutions. A few of our customers also recovered more quickly than they expected. As they began to hire again, they either had us move their furniture back to their office or obtain significantly discounted replacements.

Talk to Cubiture's used office furniture liquidators and receive a free office space plan.
Whether you are downsizing, streamlining, or considering a move, Cubiture can help you. We can store and liquidate any unwanted furniture so you can better streamline your operations and cut future costs on taxes, moving, and furniture replacement.

We give you more options to consider, and we often find ways to help you make money. Call us today to schedule a consultation.

Office Furniture Liquidators Services – Call 713-412-0900 For FREE Quote

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