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November 10, 2017

Get great deals on cubicle moving with Cubiture.com.  Choose between a flat rate or an hourly rate you can trust.  Receive a free office space plan as part of our services, and let our team handle the logistics so you can keep working right up to the time of your move date.

We begin with a floor plan assessment and complimentary office space plan.
We want to get a clear picture of where you are moving so we can develop your new office layout drawing.  This design service is done free of charge and represents major savings on cubicle moving.  (Many competitors charge for space planning.  Cubiture never does.).

Our goal is to help you get the most of your new space.  Since you lease your office by the square foot, we want to configure your workstations in a way that uses the majority of your space for profitable production.

We coordinate cubicle moving with both building managers.
Both the building manager in your current location and the one at your new location have policies and procedures regulating office relocation.  We can save you a great deal of time by talking to both managers on your behalf.

Some buildings will not allow relocations during business hours.  Others may permit moves only on Saturdays or Sundays.  We want to choose a date and time that works for both management companies and gives us plenty of time to transport your furniture.

We give you the choice of a flat rate or an hourly rate that is finalized prior to your move date.
Our flat rate is actually based upon an estimated number of hours.  However, some companies prefer we break our rates down by the hour so that their accountants can document costs on each phase of the move.  In either case, we stand by the numbers we give you .  There are no hidden or after-the-fact costs associated with our cubicle moving service.

We also remove any unwanted furniture that you do not want to keep.
If you have chairs, desks, tables, or cubicles that you want to get rid of, we can take them off your hands.  Sometimes we can arrange a buy back and discount your cubicle moving costs at the value of the used furniture.  If we cannot buy the furniture back, we can remove it for you and liquidate it so you can at least write it off on your taxes.

We complete a cubicle turnkey move and installation so you can start working the following business day.
We own our own trucks, so we are able to get everything done in the same day provided we can schedule access to both buildings on the same day.  Our goal is always to make cubicle moving as quick as possible so your business keeps moving forward without downtime. Contact us today.

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