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April 15, 2019

Not everyone who wants to purchase good office furniture knows exactly where to go to get it, but with modern office furniture carried by Cubiture, you know you’re getting a quality-built product that’s perfectly tailored to your business and personal needs. Whether you’re looking for a table or two for a small office break area or an entire executive furniture set for a private office, we have everything you could need and desire to bring your workspace up to speed with the modern age.

Modern office furniture has actually been alive and well for decades now. If you think back to the more traditional image of the private office, you’re likely to think of an austere room featuring heavy wood furnishings. Any lightness was expressed in the painstakingly intricate carvings that accented edges, paneling, corners, and supports. While beautiful in design and respectable in craft, the image of this kind of furniture is still all but present in the most conservative industries, as well as those institutions that are insistent upon an air of tradition and exclusivity. As we try to keep up with the speed of today’s technological advances, modern office furniture can maintain a similar beauty of appearance but with a new sensibility that responds to the needs of the modern world.

A far cry from the aesthetics of traditional office furniture, modern office furniture is characterized by sleek clean lines, due to simple, straightforward joinery and minimal decoration. The simplicity contributes to the feel of your workstation as being less cluttered, drawing attention not so much to itself as it does to the work you perform at it. The light and airy feel of modern office furniture is often expressed through its lack of decoration, along with the use of new modern materials that are lightweight enough to make your furniture easily-movable in today’s dynamic office settings.

The task of choosing the right modern office furniture can be more difficult than it seems, but the payoff can be worth it when you have a positive reputation to build. Looks mean a lot to people, and first impressions are heavily influenced by appearance. When your office can be seen by clients and other visitors, it’s a great idea to properly arrange and furnish its contents with that fact in mind. However, the intriguing thing about the appearance of modern office furniture is how elegant and transparent it is, so closely reflecting its actual performance. Without any superfluous decoration, it can immediately announce to your clients that you mean to work—and work for them—without any fuss.

Modern office furniture can be a style choice for businesses of all sizes, whether it’s a well-established large corporation or a small local business. While designed to promote a fresh sense of innovation, it isn’t exclusive just to those businesses who in more dynamic, “youthful” industries. Modern office furniture can still be fashioned out of a sense of tradition. Wood furniture in darker finishes give a rich touch to an office and can still imbue the sense of dependability and jurisprudence that more conservative industries such as finance, accounting, and law tend to promote to clients. Wooden chairs can have a number of the adjustable ergonomic features that characterize the modern office chair yet use cushioned leather and light accents to add to the traditional appearance of the room.

There really is no one-size-fits-all treatment with modern office furniture, and its simplicity can actually be deceptive. Breaking free from confining language set by traditional office furniture, this style can now explore many materials, sizes, features, and forms. A perfect choice is one where the combination of features is particularly suited to the unique workflow needs of its user. You can pair a reception desk of any shape and height with a credenza of the same finish and style for a clean compact station to welcome visitors to all types of buildings. Choose a light wood finish for a warm but airy glow to this modern office furniture, perfect for smaller lobbies such as spas and salons, as well as boutique design firms. With the latter business, you can continue this design scheme throughout the office space. Modern office furniture has the flexibility in form and size to accommodate a multi-user shared workstation, complete with ergonomic office desk chairs on casters and a shared hutch whose doors can playfully showcase a different but complementary material from your main workstation. Darker finishes such as black can give a colder look to the office but also one of sophistication. It can also provide a neutral background against which a few splashes of color can highlight an exciting contrast.

Modern office furniture can also express itself in intimate nooks for breaks and meetings among small groups of people. Have them occupy the same space as your general office to add a bit of dynamic to the office. You can choose round tables for a more efficient shape that also promotes inclusiveness. Pair these tables with lightweight metal chairs for a clean set. Open shelving with sleek lines can give more life to these meeting areas and can supplement your own personal workstation while providing extra storage, when your desk just isn’t enough. With modern office furniture, the possibilities really are endless.

With half of our lives taking place in an office, physical comfort, which is heavily linked with our productivity and well-being in the workplace and in life, is certainly not to be overlooked. Ergonomics, which is the applied science of equipment design, is a characteristic of modern office furniture that represents our growing awareness of our own mental and physical well-being. Modern office chairs are adjustable in many ways to give the most amount of comfort to the most amount of users. Casters allow you to effortlessly move about your workstation while reducing the strain of reaching for distant objects. Adjustable seats and armrests help you to maintain an acceptable relationship between your body and your workspace. Cushions help to give much-needed back and neck support for when you’re sitting all day. This leads us to another modern office furniture development known as the sit/stand desk. This desk is height-adjustable from a sitting to a standing position, thus incorporating the new knowledge that the physical activity of employees throughout the workday is actually beneficial to their own health and to the company’s success.

Find the modern office furniture you’ve been looking for to create an office environment that you enjoy working in. Come visit our showroom to see what we have or speak to one of our experienced representatives in a free consultation to more easily determine which furniture will work best with what you need for your space. As always, with any order you place you can enjoy our 100% free shipping! Give Cubiture a call today!

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