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January 2, 2019

Jerry maintains a firm belief in small business and loves to construct business workstations designed specifically with smaller organizations in mind — largely because Cubiture itself was at one point a small business. Remembering those days, Jerry knows how vital it is to manage company growth side-by-side with available space. By using the fundamental processes of business’ workflow while creating new office designs, he can free up entirely new resources that you didn’t know were there. His ability to calculate square footage utilization grants him a sense of how to allocate only enough floor space for a workstation to support specific employee tasks.

This approach to workstation construction is according to what we might call a “form follows function” approach to workstation construction. Everything about the employee’s cubicle, from the appearance, materials, and size, is designed to support tasks that increase productivity at the end of the day. Jerry’s designs eliminate unnecessary costs associated with those features lacking anything to do with a worker’s job by supporting only essential functions. Not only does this save you money — but it saves you space, as well.

Employees have long expressed a great need for privacy, and this holds true even when their cubicle is being scaled down from 8’ by 10’ down to 5’ by 5’ in some spaces. Implementing small cubicles creates further space to offer to group collaboration for many companies; they enable customizable, personalized workspaces all at the same time while providing a budget-friendly and flexible approach to office design and layout, and without disregarding the needs of your employees.

Does any employee still need a hulking, over-sized desk in an era when one’s laptop houses the bulk of their workload? While it may have been true that the large desk was once the domain of the power player back in the days of Don Draper, these days its largely the domain of the dinosaur. What’s better is that current makers of furniture have become increasingly clever when it comes to delivering more for less. What you can do is seek out pieces with smaller, more smartly-designed and mindful elements, including integrated cabinet drawers, whiteboards, and other items with a high functionality but a reduced footprint.

There are many offices which neglect to capitalize on their premiere square footage: that of vertical wall space. With wall shelving, you can free up your best desk and floor space while at the same time adding to your aesthetic appeal, and even though it makes sense to store important documents and other daily items easily within reach, lesser-used tools and documentation can easily be assigned to overhead shelving.

Since evidence does continue to point to the health risks of sitting at a workstation for extended time periods, there are many businesses on the leading edge that are making the transition to a new way of collaborating in standing up. Although this may sound unlikely at first glance, there are many who find stand-up meetings even more productive and efficient. Not only that, but they can lead also to boosted creativity thanks to the shift from a more short, intense work structure.

Should your office happen to be square-footage challenged, we offer numerous ways to maximize your resources:

Ask yourself whether all of your workers truly need a dedicated desk all to themselves. You might find that you need far less desks than you imagined, considering the days of separate offices for each worker has evolved into the more open plan, with that beginning to evolve yet again. Thanks to mobile technology, work can go anywhere. Notice how many desks are always – or rarely – used, and pay attention to where employees tend to gather for collaboration.

If planning to reduce your number of desks, you’ll eventually need to explore alternate work spaces. Both collaborative work, and the solitude needed by workers from time to time, need places to take root, and everyone’s needs can be accommodated by way of a few sofas or groups of chairs strategically placed throughout your office.

According to Entrepreneur magazine, a better estimate of how many square feet are required per worker is something more like 150 these days than the approximately 250 of yesteryear, reasons being smaller computers and much less hard-copy storage needs. Since almost everything is digital, filing cabinets and binders become much less prevalent.

Choosing furniture that’s portable lets you change your floor plan, or at least part of it, any time you like. As one example, you likely wouldn’t need a conference room every day; perhaps not even each week. With furniture mounted on wheels, you can move tables together with chairs to create temporary meeting spaces, and once the meeting is over, reclaim the area for other work.

If planned the right way, a small office can be more efficient and fun to work in than a large one. Space isn’t as important as how you use it, and we can help you design the best use for the square footage at your disposal, and offer furniture solutions that make it fit together perfectly.

Let our team of experts evolve your cramped quarters into a more modern, efficient office. Lacking either middleman costs or third-party freight between us, we can both source the best materials and develop the design which will affordably meet your demands both in the short and long-term.

Another thing you can do is contact Jerry today for a complementary office design layout. Thanks to hundreds of materials to choose from, he can construct your workstations at an easily affordable price, and ensure that they make it straight to their intended locations while helping to get rid of any old furniture you may no longer have room for. Talk to him today and begin saving space and money at Cubiture!

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