When Should You Use Office Room Partitions Instead Of Sheet Rock?

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February 10, 2019

When it’s just not feasible for you to build out new conventional rooms using sheet rock, it’s an excellent idea for you to consider office room partitions. Office room dividers help to define new spaces for your workplace to help your company function more efficiently and productively. Here at Cubiture, we have a diverse selection of office room dividers and partitions to suit your office needs, whether they be mainly organizational, acoustic, or stylistic.

Depending on your situation, you might be better off skipping the sheetrock and looking for a less permanent solution. If you’re a startup or a small business, you might not have a lot of the funds at your disposal that other, larger companies do. Building out some new rooms might not be the highest priority at least, compared to hiring and training new employees or purchasing office equipment or other furnishings. Officeroom dividers can be a workable alternative to creating new space, at least until new construction is in the budget. If you’re relocating to a new office, your divider is highly portable and can always move with you as well.

Your business may have nothing lacking in its budget, but if you find yourself in a sublease space with less-than-desirable contract terms, you may not be able to construct new spaces even if you wanted to. While a sublease option has some benefits, such as discounted rental rates, the trade-off is your ability to build out the space to suit your needs. This is where office room dividers come in. A sublessor is generally not interested in incurring the costs of construction only to be left with a less attractive space after a tenant’s term is over. Unless you negotiate a reasonably long lease, the prospect of sheetrock construction isn’t likely a financially attractive one, no matter who pays for the build-out.

Office room dividers might just be your best bet to bypass all this hassle, still being able to create the spaces you need for your employees without all the commitment. They’re not physically invasive like built-out rooms are, and their ability to create space doesn’t come with the distractions of a more cramped workspace, a construction team, power tools, and potentially lots of drywall dust in the air, among other things. Our office room dividers can also be highly stylish when you take advantage of the wide range of color options available.

Is your company simply growing with new hires and departments, and your office space can’t keep up with the new spatial demands and the need to physically reorganize personnel? Cubiture’s office room dividers are highly flexible and often portable, not just easily rolling on locking non-marking casters where you need them but also responding to the shape of the space that you need as well. For instance, some of our most popular folding, or “accordion,” office room dividers feature patented 360-degree hinges, fully-rotating to allow a maximum range of motion when configuring your walls into “L” shapes, “C” shapes, even graceful curves, or simply straight lines. They can easily be refolded and rolled out of the way for easy transport and storage. Our sliding office room dividers are an alternative, always keeping a straight line regardless of length, thanks to telescoping hinges. One popular model of sliding room divider reaches heights of up to 12 feet, in case your office has high ceilings.

In either case, if you’re looking to give your office more visual order within this space created by office room dividers, such as for a department of project team, our highly-configurable acoustical cubicle partitions are also available in a number of panel size possibilities and with the option for a durable, glass polycarbonate window for extra light allowance.

Office room dividers also allow for a good deal of privacy for not actually being constructed of lumber, thermal insulation, and sheetrock. At Cubiture, we have many acoustic dividers to choose from. Many of our popular office room dividers use panels of fabric. Our dividers can be composed of two-inch-thick fiberglass acoustical panels or ribbed fabric covering thick foam, so that you and your employees can enjoy the sound-blocking and sound-absorbing qualities of these office room dividers as they help you stay on task while also giving you visual privacy.

If you’re looking for a more “permanent” space-dividing solution, we have wall-mounted models, both sliding and folding, that use a flexible hinging system designed to traverse even the most uneven flooring with ease. We also have a number of 100% cotton canvas office room dividers, for when you want most of the advantages of our more popular dividers but with a lower price point.

With so many options to choose from, it’s best to give us a call at Cubiture today so we can help guide you to the right office room dividers for your unique office application. To minimize the hassle even more, keep in mind that when we ship, we always ship for free. Contact Cubiture today!

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