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March 5, 2019

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Mix soft and natural with sturdy and industrial with unique, beautiful, and well-built custom office furniture from Cubiture. With an expert blend of wood and steel, the modern industrial aesthetic can grace the space of commercial and residential offices alike and add a real sense of dynamic, creating an attractive work environment while exciting the senses of employee and visitor alike.

Choose from many beautiful workstations among our custom office furniture which can use that accommodate your staff in a variety of ways and configurations. Our linear workstation is a unit that’s perfect for when you want to organize your staff into convenient rows. Putting multiple units side-by-side allow you to expand the length of those rows for when office floor space dimensions meet.

The 1.75” thick work surface is of a beautiful and natural maple wood which perfectly complements the dark cross-braced legs that support it from the bottom, along with a separation that divides one side of the table from the other. Much of our modern industrial custom office furniture makes it easy for you to handle unruly collections of cables and wires with cutouts in worksurfaces. Underneath each separator and along its length is a central trough specially-created to help bundle these cables together in a way that easily keeps them out of sight.

For this particular brand of custom office furniture, there are multiple ways to make your own unit unique to your needs. Worksurface dimensions can vary as you require, but our two more popular dimensions include 30”x60” per person or 30”x72” per person. With widths supporting anywhere from two to ten people, you can also set the depth from 30” to a more space-efficient 24” instead. All choices are set at a height of 30”.

The style of the metal elements can include perforated or sheet metal end leg supports, as well as a perforated or sheet metal separator. The latter option can help to control not just how much visual privacy each office worker enjoys, but also how much light can enter the work surface. A column of drawers to serve each employee is also optional, adding more functionality to the individual workstation. A choice of seven different wood stains means that you can always coordinate the hue of your custom office furniture with the particular design and décor of your office space.

Also available in many the above features and options is our cruciform version of this workstation. With each quadrant formed by an L-shaped worksurface, this variant can seat two to four people with each unit. Another popular form of this piece of custom office furniture is the dogbone configuration, which would seat four people back-to-back per unit. This variant can also have ergonomic capabilities, with returns that can be either fixed or sit/stand. Inquire about dimensions available for both variants of these workstations.

Speaking of the ergonomic power of sit/stand desks, we also carry custom office furniture that offers a single solution to satisfy the dual need to work in a traditional seated fashion while occasionally staying on task in a more healthy and active way. With the help of a silent and easy-to-operate actuator system, employees can adjust their desks to their preferred height without disturbing diligent neighbors.

While this sit/stand desk is beautiful in its simplicity, sometimes more storage is necessary. That’s why we also include the option to integrate a chest of drawers. The optional presence and location of a grommet hole can also be determined based on personal preference. If you’re looking for more privacy in your custom office furniture, choose a sheet metal divider or a perforated modesty panel to line the back of the work surface. Dimensions are custom, however, 30”x60” and 30”x72” are popular choices. Deeper, more spacious worksurfaces also commonly come in at anywhere from 36”x60” to 36”x84”.

Another attractive and versatile piece of custom office furniture with a sit/stand function is our L-shaped desk which combines two important aspects of a good workstation: space and privacy. On top of that, an actuator system lets the user adjust the worksurface to any preferred height so he or she can stay active as they work. With just the press of a button, your 1.75” thick solid maple wood worksurface can rise up from a sheet metal casing by way of its supporting perforated modesty panel.

Therefore, this desk is a unique, fun, and aesthetically-pleasing bit of custom office furniture that offers a great combination of several styles of working into one. For any electronic equipment, you might have, grommet holes are also optional. Some popular dimensions include the main desk size of 30”Wx60”L and 30”Wx72” L, both with a return size of 24”Wx48”, or the main desk size of 35”x84” with a return size of 30”x48”.

With a vast and substantial 1.75” thick wood-textured plane hovering over a simple steel support system, our conference tables make a simple yet powerful statement in any business meeting. With the central role that a conference table can play in one’s business, it’s important to select the right custom office furniture to make the most of your business meetings and refocus company goals. Complete the functionality of your conference table with optional power inserts so that you can hold presentations and increase interactivity among team members.

You can choose a sitting option at 30” high for a more traditional boardroom meeting, or you can opt for a standing variant at 42” high for holding creative sessions. With offices varying vastly in size, you can choose your custom office furniture dimensions using your own preferred dimensions depending on the size of your team or the meeting space. Popular options include widths of 36”, 48”, and 60”, as well as lengths of 72”, 84”, 96”, 120”, and 144”. You can also always purchase multiple units as another way to increase table length.

Cubiture also carries seating that perfectly complements any custom office furniture you purchase. Particularly our high-backed chair goes well with the industrial modern aesthetic, thanks to the sleek contours of the black leather cushioning and the sturdy metal frame. The high back offers additional upper back support, and other ergonomic features—chair swivel, seat height adjustment, and wheels—help your body relate ergonomically to your custom office furniture.

Don’t let the simple and clean designs of our modern industrial custom office furniture fool you. Our beautifully-designed pieces are also well-built with many customizable elements that ensure you find the exact office furniture that responds to your workflow and daily operations. Contact Cubiture today to see what unique furnishings you can enhance your unique work area with. Don’t forget that with every order you place, shipping is free!

Call 713-412-0900 for a free office design layout

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