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August 20, 2019

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Before purchasing office furniture cubicles, it's necessary to do some initial analysis on the space capacity of your office and the amount of cubicles needed. Once you have determined how many units you need additional space planning is necessary to come to a conclusion about the size of the cubicle that suits your requirements. Cubicle size would be a factor in the number of employees in a cubicle and whether it's an individual cubicle or a set of cubicles linked together to form a circle to encourage collaboration within a team.

There are two ways to organize an office  cubicle. The first way is to put the cubicles right in the middle of the floor and the walk space will be around the center of the configuration. The second model is to attach the cubicles to existing walls leaving a lot of space in the middle of the floor to walk and move around. This arrangement seems to be less cluttered than the former. If the office area is tiny then it's better to use the first model and save some space.

Handling is the next key factor for office furniture cubicles. Let's say you are managing a company in a temporary work place which is leased. You will have to move  the office now and then moving cubicles is the hardest thing while changing the workplace but we have a solution for this. Currently, Cubiture has affordable room partitions that can be either dismantled with the push of a button or by moving just a few sections. This room partitions makes portability an easy job, but it can cost a bit more than the traditional cubicle.

What about the material used to manufacture the cubicles? One of the most widely used materials for office cubicles is wood. Wood offers a comfortable environment which sets the tone for an employee to work productively. Research has shown that the productivity of a worker in the office depends on the surroundings they are placed. Today Modern office furniture cubicle designs use plastic rather than wood. Plastic presents uncomfortable tone although many people like to use it. Usually, the material is covered by fabric or cloth to give a comfortable  look. 

Now let's look at some other cost cutting methods when purchasing office cubicles. First Cubiture offers new, used, refurbished office cubicles and refurbishing services available at our Houston location.. Cubiture also provides used office furniture and cubicles  available at discount prices. Call today for a free quote


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