Why Cubicles Directly from Factory are More Affordable

Affordable Office Furniture Sales
January 25, 2021

When you buy directly from the Cubiture factory, you save your company money.  Buying direct eliminates the dealer markup and makes it possible to obtain high quality products at lower prices.  Cubiture offers the ability to match our customers cubicles to the images they find online.  Our prices are lower because there is no middleman involved, and delivery is free because we use our own fleet of trucks.  Customers are pleasantly surprised because most are conditioned to believe that custom products have to be more expensive.  This is only true if you order custom products through a retailer.  If you can go straight to the factory, you eliminate this markup.  

The key to our success is the development of our very diversified supply chain.  Our founder, Jerry Mogyorody, is a high-density storage expert and furniture designer.  His experience taught him that the key to success is efficiency.  Specializing in high density storage, he makes the best possible use of space, and operates efficiently.  When he entered the office furniture industry, Jerry made a point to build Cubiture upon a logistical foundation characterized by quality assurance, punctuality, and adaptability.  

Cubiture’s facility manufactures, repairs, and stores cubicles and other office furniture.  This operational center is our supply chain hub for materials, component finishes, and office cubicle accessories.  Once an organization selects the appropriate fixtures and furniture, we quickly order the precise parts required to create their workstations in our facility.  We make these cubicles affordable because we have a network of preferred vendors from whom we source quality parts at low prices.  Upon completion, we then ship these products anywhere in the nation via our fleet of trucks.  The very professionals who build the cubicles also transport and install them.  

Customers can count on getting what they paid for on time, installed correctly, and fully warrantied for parts and labor.  

In addition to affordable cubicles, Cubiture also manufactures desks, filing systems, and conference tables.  Often, customers will email us images of desks or tables they find online, asking if we carry that line of furniture, and the price we charge.   Frequently, we can build the customer an equivalent model in our own factory.  One satisfied customer purchased a $13,500 desk system for only $7.800 from Cubiture. We simply matched the image and built it for her using our own materials.  

While Cubiture operates a fully functional factory, our passion is developing solutions for our customers. Therefore, we don’t sell through dealer networks.  Working directly with customers allows us to listen to their needs, create the optimal solutions for their workspaces and provide free space planning and warranty repairs when needed.  Affordable cubicles by Cubiture are not just less expensive—they offer peace of mind because they are backed by a company you can count on. Contact us today.

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