Office Furniture Repair! What Are The Options?

Office Furniture Repair Restoration Upholstery
April 15, 2019

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One of the most significant things that Cubiture does as an office furniture company is offer office furniture repair. Naturally, as is the case with anything, even quality cubicles and other office furniture can be damaged through such things as impacts, overuse, and natural wear and tear.

If you’re just beginning your own company, it’s important to be frugal in your purchases when at all possible, and this includes damaged office furniture. With our unique position compared to other furniture stores, including our access to a vast supply chain along with our own repair shop and fleet of trucks, we can make office furniture repair more than worth your while.

It’s easy to think that office furniture repair is a costly ordeal for you—one where the cost disadvantages outweigh the benefits enough to just opt for a nice, 100% new pieces of furniture. However, you may be basing the estimation of the cost for repair in terms of the prices of replacement parts being sold on the internet. Keep in mind that these prices are coming from the supplier and to the consumer at retail value.

Thanks to a wholesaler’s license that lets Cubiture acquire replacement parts from manufacturers, prices can be brought down so low that the cost of the part is less than its online counterpart, even after factoring labor costs. It also helps that we have access to over 200 manufacturers in the office furniture industry to make sure we’re bringing you the best-quality wholesale components for office furniture repair, at the lowest cost.

By spending money in office furniture repair, you can end up saving a lot that would otherwise go to unnecessary purchases of new furniture and put that money instead into more important investments for your company. If you were to have a desk that developed a noticeable crack in its surface, you certainly shouldn’t have to throw it out. In fact, the worksurfaces on your damaged furniture, along with any visible areas, can frequently be refinished without the need for replacement at all.

Any resurfacing work that does need to take place is met with the various wood veneers and laminates and wood veneers that range in cost. This means new-furniture looks and performance without the new-furniture prices. There is no repair that an office furniture repair shop can do that we don’t do as well. This is because we have our very own repair shop located in northwest Houston; we can do away with the time and cost of shipping your items off for repair by a third party.

If having our own office furniture repair facility weren’t enough, we also have our own fleet of trucks that handles our pick-up and return deliveries. In this way, our customers can avoid paying any extra cost that would otherwise go to third-party transportation. This happens to be one of our many advantages we have over our competitors, who would get you to pay the transportation costs of trucks they must lease for any kind of pick-up or delivery. This would only add more cost to your office furniture repair.

If at all possible, we also try to make sure to do what we can in providing temporary replacements while your own furnishings undergo office furniture repair. It’s not unheard of for an office worker to procrastinate getting repairs done on their office furniture because they need these items to work.

Since we know how important staying on task is to you, we try to provide temporary workstations when necessary. While they are in used and as-is condition, they are an adequate replacement for when your own personal belongings are undergoing their much-needed office furniture repair.

Since accidents and damage can happen either over time or suddenly, anywhere, and often when we least expect. Does your chair have damaged leather and upholstery, or does it no longer swivel or lean back? Did you forget to put a coaster under your soft drink after returning from lunch and now you have an unsightly watermark? Do you have any heat damage to any of your furnishings?

Luckily, the work we do at our office furniture repair and refurbishing facility is just as diverse. Our technicians are full-time employees with many years of training and experience. They specialize in the repair of chairs, office cubicles, workstations and reception desks, and high-density filing systems as well. In the case of our office chairs, we commonly do such tasks as seat replacement, armrest repair, base repair, reupholstering, and gas cylinder repair. Other office furniture repair work that we do extends to, but is not limited to:

Lateral filing cabinets
Hanging rails for cabinets.
Flipper doors
Drawer guides.
Keyboard trays
Pencil drawers
Light fixtures and light assemblies

When it comes to resurfacing work, we have a broad range of affordable and new fabrics as well as hundreds of laminates and wood veneers. In this way, we are more than prepared for more complex office furniture repair jobs. While we work to upholster your workstation panels, our technicians are also specially trained to also repurpose all desk surfaces as well as surfaces and paneling for storage bins and filing drawers. Beyond the basic office furniture repair, we attend to the aesthetics of your office furniture as well. This includes steam cleaning fabrics, cleaning and polishing any paneling and work surfaces, and even testing all of the electrical, mechanical, and lighting systems integrated into your furniture.

Despite the fact that we have our own office furniture repair shop, we can even extend our office furniture repair services to the comfort of your own office space. While we can typically estimate the repair costs to an item of furniture by just visiting your office and analyzing it, we are commonly able to also take that a step further and do actual repairs without the need for you to bring it into our shop.

There are a variety of on-site repairs that can be done by Cubiture technicians, including swapping out parts from your office chairs, changing locks and keys on the drawers of your workstation, and also repairing drawers and locks on your filing systems. To make office furniture repair as little as a hassle on you as possible, our technicians make sure to stay out of your way, while also testing your repaired piece of furniture, and of course cleaning up the area they leave behind when leaving your office space.

Call us at Cubiture the moment that you realize that any of your office furnishings is damaged, dirty, or generally needs to undergo office furniture repair. This goes for any broken equipment as well. We are more than happy to make use of our own repair facility and highly-trained technicians to restore your office furniture to the best it can be. You can also expect any shipping to be free of charge for you. Any furniture damage? Call today!

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