Revention Corporation Office Cubicle Case Study

Revention Cubicle Installation Services
November 19, 2019

Revention Corporation an online ordering service company that provides customized white-labeled apps to send online orders directly to your POS (point of sale). This system is basically a computer system that will allow you to improve monitoring customer food ordering in any restaurant bar or location that you might need a POS system. Their offices are located at 1315 West Sam Houston Pkwy N #100, Houston, TX 77043. Cubiture was contacted in August of 2019 by facility manager Jose called to discuss removing their existing workstations and replacing them, we suggested a reconfiguration and installation of 30 modern new cubicles.

Customer Comments

Right now cubiture is currently helping us expand our facility with more office space. Cubiture has been very helpful because we are currently expanding our facility and renovating our existing space and the layout.  Cubitture has an excellent support team that is always on time and made sure everything was properly installed, packed and moved safely. Revention owes Cubiture and Jerry Mogyorody a huge thank you. Cubiture is now assisting Revention on multiple projects including a fully enclosed office cubicle for our office manager who needed something private.

Our second project is for our system services develop department that required the installation of at least 30 cubicles. Cubiture provided a space layout design drawing that was simply amazing. Employees will now be sitting next to each other and are able to communicate & collaborate better.

Revvention’s final project that’s soon-to-be-completed is going to be in our sales department which is basically getting renovated and we're currently under construction and expecting to install at least 60 new cubicles and 10 to 12 new private office cubicles. Learn more about our cubicles today, contact us now.

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